einIIMAM SALEH was born in Riyadh in the year 1972 to a family known for its piety and dedication to religion, many of whom learnt Quran before maturity. Saleh's father, Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem Ibn Muhammad Aal Taalib founded Qur'aan memorisation schools run under the Wizaarat Al-Ma3aarif and he has a part in joining in it since the year 1391 AH, in that he worked with Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Sinaan. He also used to recite the Qur'aan to some of the scholars before 1400 AH and he has some da'wah participations in the country and abroad.

Saleh's grandfather, Ibrahim bin Muhammed aal Talib from the students of Sheikh Muhammed bin Ibrahim Rahimahullah and he moved to the Eastern province for like almost 30 years then returned to Riyadh to a place called 'Dalam'.


Saleh finished Quran memorisation before his coming of age. He graduated from the College of Shariah in Riyadh in 1414 AH, then did his Masters, which he completed in 1417 AH. Whilst he was doing his masters he started work in the high court in Riyadh and then in Riyadh too he was appointed judge in this place called "Turba" which is near Taif for almost 2 years then in "Rabg" for 2 years and then the high court of Mecca in the year 1423.

He participated in a Saudi mission (delegation) in an international conference.[which?] It was held in the International Court of Justice in Lahay, Holland. He also joined in a conference held in the League of Arab States in Cairo. The object of such a participation was to justify the legality of some proposals. He with 3 others went for a doctorate in international law from Britain. This qualifies him to represent the country in international issues (law related).

Saleh is known for his qualification in his jurisdiction, his work (how he judges) and his firmness in solving cases and there was some corruption in courts which lasted for some years: the result in this was that many judges were forced to quit. And only in a few months period he showed excellent performance which was acknowledged by the Higher Court of Magistrates despite him being only 28 at the time


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