A slope of marble which  is made in  three sides in  the bottom of the kabas' walls  is called shadharwan or shazarwan. At the time of Qureshs' construction the width of the walls were kept little bit thinner than the original wall size made by Syedna Ibrahim allihisam. Because of this reason  few inches of inner side of holy kaba had come outside which is present even today.
Slope is shadharwan. iron rings are fixed and ropes of drapery (ghalaf) fastened

If this slope had not been made,pilgrims might have stepped in inner portion of the  kabba during tawaf beside kabba walls. To avoid such mistake the shadharwan (slope)is made so that pilgrims might  keep themselves completely outside from the original foundations of  holy kabba during tawaf  which is basic requirement of a valid tawaf. As all of us know hateem is also an  inner portion of kabba but there is no roof over it even today and  tawaf is done outside hateem to fulfill the Basie requirement of tawaf.

Slope is shadharwan and ropes are ready to fasten with iron rings over shadharwan

Statistical data regading its' marble stones are as under:

shadharwans' height is 34 to 35 c.m
where as its' width is 45c.m.

Total marble stone                                                 = 68

From the corner of hajar-e-aswad to Rukn-e-iraqi = 23 stones
(multazim and kabba door come in between
 so slope is not made with half of this wall  )

From Rukn-e-iraqi to Rukn-e-shami                      = Nil  stone
( in between  of  these wall hateem lies which its
self is inner partof kaba ,so no shadharwan slopy
 stone has been fixed here. only a liar of straight
 bricks are fixed here in the bottom of kaba which
 is called in arabic hajar-e-salwan which would be
  described in next chapter inshaallah)

From Rukn-e-shami to Rukn-e-yemeni                   =25 stones

From Rukn-e-yemeni to corner of hajar-e-aswad    =20  stones


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