In arabic "GIDH" means ' The grand mother' and the name of  the city Jeddah as been derived from such word. The reason of this fact is that the mother of whole universe ---the first lady of human history ---syeda Hawa( The eve) has beeen lying to rest in the center city of Jeddah.

                                                           Grave of BIbi HAWA

Jeddah is ,in fact the first destination of all pilgrims coming to saudi arabia from abroad which is one hour drive away from holy Makkah.  Pilgims come jeddah just before departing to their homeland from jeddah air port and miss to see such valuable historic grave. If the pilgrims make program hiring taxi from makkah to see this holy grave they might do so. In same journey they may see jeddah beach where a beautiful mosque has been constructed in the water .Jeddah beach and its long fun land is also worth watching place in the evening just before sun set.

In the center city of jeddah there is a road name ---  Hi-ul-Ammaria--- (I am very sorry that  i forget the exact  name of the road where this grave yard..i wrote the name is little bit confusing. Pilgrims might ask this road fron any jeddah taxi driver)  .Near to this road there is a grave yard name MAQBARA_AMANNA HAWWA.  A name plate of its' name is fixed besides the main gate of the grave yard.

Main gate of Maqbara Ammna Hawwa--(Grave yard in Jeddah)

When you enter in grave yard you will see few very long graves. One of them is the grave of bibi Hawwa. There is no direction and name plate is fixed which could specify the exact location of this grave but if it is asked from the worker,  looking after graves there , they might point out exact location of such grave. If the exact grave is not located , we may atleast see the surroundings  where the holy syeda Hawwwa is burried. The special sign to see these graves is that they all very long in size as compare to normal graves of today in other grave yards.

Beautiful look of cemetry where syeda Hawwa has benn lying to rest. Long size graves might bee seen. Out

side residential jeddah  and side pigeons might be seen.

Another view




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