<bgsound src="labbaik1.mid">JANNAT -UL- MOAALLA
        (Makkah's HOLY Grave Yard)...

Main gate of jannat-ul malla

1 .  More or less six thousand companions of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihiwasalam  have been buried in the holy grave yard of Makkah in which the grave of "Ummul Moumeneen Syeda Khateeja (R.A)" is the most important . She (R.A) was not only the first wife of Prophet (S. A. W.) but the first lady who embraced Islam.

Old part of jannat-ul-malla where conpanions of prophet sallallaho allihi
wasalam have been lying to rest

one of luckiest person of today died in holy Makkah and after his      salat-ul-janaza
(Funeral Prayer) in Masjid ul Haram near holy Kabba wall, his body has been carrying
from Haram to holy graveyard--jannat ul Malla for burial among campanions of prophet
Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam.

2 .  It is the second holiest grave yard of the world followed by holy cemetery of Madina-tul-munawarrah--JANNAT-UL-BAQQI--. Presently a road or fly over is dividing this grave yard in to two parts. Entering in from main gate you find yourself in new portion of the cemetery where the general muslims have been buried. Crossing new part of the cemetery a small under ground way leads to older part of  the holy cemetery. This sub way  is built under the dividing  fly over road.

subway starts from here which leads to older part of cemetry
where companions and syeda Khateeja R.A burried.


Here in older part a number of companions of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam are lying to rest in which the grave of Syeda Khateeja (R.A) is the most important one. It is situated slightly at little height and is covered by an iron grill. The grave of  a the beloved son of Prophet  sallallaho allihi wasalam, infant Syedna Qasim (R.A) is also here. Many more companions are also lying here to rest.

pilgrims at syeda khateeja r.a. grave

anoter view of amma khateeja grave

Another view of graves of prominent companions of prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam

3 .  The grand father Haji Muhammad Shafi and the  maternal uncle Haji Muhammad Makeen of my mother ( Sajida Begum ) are also buried here. They passed away  performing their 26th and 15th haj in the year 1950 and 1969 respectively. At present their original graves do not exist. Except the graves of well known companions of  Prophet MUHAMMAD sallallaho allihiwasalam all other graves have been demolished by saudi government  time to time so that  many more  muslims  could get place in the mud of this holy and merciful land.

Graves of general muslimeen

passage in between new portion of  cemetry

4 . If you come out from masjid-ul-haram through Marwa Gate, which is situated, where the last and seventh round of Saie ends, You will find a market at your left where some shops of hair dressers are situated. When you enter in the wide street of this market named Souq-ul-Lail(in arabic souq means market and lail means night). This street is covered by the squared plastic shade. Both the sides of this street have  mostly gold shops. In local language this street is called CHAPTER MARKET( market of sheds). As soon as this street ends, you will find a mosque. Do not turn anywhere and go straight. Now there is a road. Keep walking on foot path. Now you will find a crossing and traffic signal. Do not turn anywhere walk straight and cross the road. Now the wall of Jannat-ul-Malla will be at your left. Then a main gate will come. It is the main entrance of this Holy Graveyard.
main gate of jannat ul maula (makkah grave yard)

Another view of main gate of jannat-ul-malla.

Just entering in jannat-ul-malla.an airconditioned hall is available for ladies to wait their
gents went in cemetry. Ladies are not permitted to go in graveyard .They may recite
duas sitting here as it is also part ocf cemetry. Free cold water packs in refrigirators
are available in this area.May be in rush season facility of sitting inside not available.

Another view of waiting are in jannat-ul-malla.

According to a school of thoughts, on the day of judgement, 70,000 people will be relieved and spared  from this holy graveyard and they will be allowed to enter in heaven without any process of accountability.


Important graves in Jannat-e-Moalla are:
-    Syeda Khateeja
-    Syed Qasim (son)
-    Abdullah bin Zubair
-    Asma bint Abu Bakar
-    Fazeel bin Abbas
-    Abdur-Rehman bin Abu Bakar.
             This cemetery also known as Al-Hajun. The Prophet(pbuh) used to visit it frequently. It is the 2nd holiest graveyard after Baqi. Those buried here include:
Abd Manaf: Great, great grandfather of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)
Grave of Hashim: Great grandfather of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)
Grave of Abdul Muttalib Grandfather of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)
Grave of Hazrat Abu Talib: Father of syedna Ali (R.A)

Instruction boards and beyond front wall the grave of ummul momeneen syeda
                       khateja radi Allah ho talla anha situated.

From jannat-ul-malla the location of holy kabba and Masjid-ul-haram might be
             determined as the visible tallest buiding is just in front of it.


                  Grave of umm-ul-momineen syeda Khateeja R.A
                       her son syedna Qasim R.A(in small square)

embraced islam. Elder sisiter of ummul-mo-mineen syeda Aisha siddiqua R.A. Carried
meal for prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam to Hira cave .Her father syedna Abubakar
Siddiqui and husband syedna Zubair bin awwam got honored to be members of ASHR-
E-MUBASHARRA, She died at the age of 100 after 10days to the shahat of her son
syedna Abdullah bin zubair (see grave of syed abdullah bin zubair R.A bwlow)


Syedna abdullah bin zubair. He was son of Asma bint Abubakar---------Got
in Makkah when all companions of him left him alone agaist hujaj
bin yousuf. He was maternal grand son of syedna Abu bakar siddiq.

                Grve of SON OF sYEDNA  Abubakar siddiqui--------
syedna Abdul-Rehman

Grave of syedna Abu Talib---------the beloved and merciful uncle of prophet
Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam

Another view of syena abu talibs' grave

               THIS CEMETRY


1 .  Syedna Abdullah Bin Umer (R.A) was the son of Second Caliph Umer Bin Khattab (R.A). He was the true lover of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam. A number of sayings (AHADEES) have been described by him. After Syedna Umer (RA) it was proposed that he (RA) would be the Caliph of muslims but Syedna Umer (R.A) opposed and said that this decision would convert KHALAFAT in to heredity.

2 .  Syedna Abdullah (RA) had a son who once denied to obey the saying of Prophet Muhammad  - "Let the women permit to go in to mosques". Syedna Abdullah became very angry and never spoke to his son after this incident. This act proves how much he (R.A) had loved his Prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam

3 .  Very few pilgrims know that this great lover of Prophet is lying to rest very near to "Masjid-e-Aisha" in Makkah. When pilgrims go to "Masjid-e-Aisha" by bus, a muhalla named "Muhalla-e-Shuhda" comes to the left hand side where a small mosque is situated. Few yards ahead from this mosque there are three graves in the bottom of a hill. One of them is the grave of Syedna Abdullah bin Umer and remaining two are of his companions. Pilgrims must try to locate this grave to give salute (SALAAM) to the great lover of Prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam.

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