Holy grave of syeda Maymoona R.A

Except two wives of prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalamall are  burried
in madinas'grave yard JANNAT-UL-BAQQI.
Ummul-momineen Syeda Khateeja
R.A is lying rest in makkahs'
grave yard JANNAT-UL-MALLA.

Only one respected wife of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam
Radi Allah ho talla anha is
lying rest other than JANNAT-UL- BAQQI AND
she is burried in between the way of makkah and madina.

Her original name was Burrah, but Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam changed
it to Maimunah....She married Muhammad sallallaho alli hi wasalam when he
was 60 years old and she was 36. She lived with prophet Muhammad sallalla
ho allihi wasalam 3 years,

She transmitted 31 Hadiths.Her nephew Khalid ibn Walid, accepted Islam at
her wedding.She is lying rest at her own wish exact to the place where she was
married to prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam at SARAF.

if we travel on new express way named shar-e-hijra from Makkah to madina we find
a place name "saraf" just 6 k.m from Makkah. Due to vast expension of Makkah
now we may say that this spot has  almost in the jurisdiction of makkah city.

Before leaving makkah behind SAUDI ARABIAN BUS TRANSPORT  CO
[SABTACO] busess stop in their final terminus . After moving from here if we count
trafic signals coming on the way. we may find this place on the left hand side at sixth
 trafic signal after passing masjid-e-Aisha R.A [the place where pilgrims for second
umra  and makkah people  wear ahram for]

At this spot we can see a boundry wall beside the road from our bus orr car. in this boundry wall this honourable personality has been lying to rest but unluckily we could not see this grave due to non co-opreation of bus drivers and improper guidence. if you travel by your own car orr private taxis must not miss to see this holy grave.

Boundry wall of syedna Mamoona R.A grave beside the makkah madina
express way.

Another view of main gate where holy grave is
situated at saraf.
Maymuna bint al-Harith, (may Allah be pleased with her), married the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in 7 AH, when the Prophet was sixty years old and she was thirty six years old. Maymuna's sister, Umm al-Fadl Lubaba, was the mother of Abdullah ibn Abbas, the son of one of the uncles of the Prophet and the one of the wisest of his Companions. Umm al-Fadl was one of the earliest Companions of the Prophet.Zaynab bint Khuzayma, Umm al Muminin, was also her half-sister.

SYEDA MAMOONAS' SISTER Umm al-Fadl s' husband  Al-Abbas went to the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) with Maymuna's offer of marriage to him and her proposal was accepted. When the good news reached her, she was on a camel, and she immediately got off the camel and said, "The camel and what is on it is for the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)." They were married in the month of Shawwal in 7 AH just after the Muslims of Medina were permitted to visit Mecca under the terms of the treaty of Hudaybiyya to perform umra. Allah Almighty sent the following ayat about this:

Any believing woman who dedicates herself to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her, that is only for thee and not for the believers. (Quran 33:50)

The Prophet gave her the name, Maymuna, meaning "blessed", and Maymuna lived with the Prophet for just over three years, until his death. She was obviously very good natured and got on well with everyone, and no quarrel or disagreement with any of the Prophet's other wives has been related about her. 'A'isha said about her, "Among us, she had the most fear of Allah and did the most to maintain ties of kinship." It was in her room that the Prophet first began to feel the effects of what became his final illness and asked the permission of his wives to stay in A'isha's room while it lasted.

Another view of holy grave

After the Prophet's death, (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Maymuna continued to live in Medina for another forty years, dying at the age of eighty, in 51 AH, (may Allah be pleased with her), being the last of the Prophet's wives to die. She asked to be buried where had married the Prophet at Saraf and her request was carried out.


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