1 .  The rounded area of Masjid-ul-Haram where KABA is situated and faithful keep moving around it, is called "MUTAF".

2 .  It is God blessed Area  where thousands of Muslims worship Allah in shape of Tawaf and salat .

area of mutaf arround kabba musharafa
3 .  Its' floor is modernly constructed with white shining marble and unique technology, which keeps it   despite continuos heat and severe sun shine. Bare footed pilgrims feel no harm during Tawaf.

4 .  Its lighting system is wonderful. Nobody can realize when sun sets and artificial lights cover whole the things.

5 .  Once, when Syeda Khateja was not married with Muhammad (S.A.W) and her husband was ABI-HAHLA, some kuffar were teasing and hurting, beloved Prophet Muhammad arrow shows mutaf
(S.A.W) in Mutaf Area. When  ABI-HALA saw, he came to help Syedna Muhammad (S.A.W). Kuffar left the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) but killed (shaheed) Syedna HARIS ( may Allah pleased him). It was the first blood of Islam which made Mutaf soil red. We all, muslim can feel grout to the fate of Haris Bin ABI HALA (may Allah pleased him) who sacrificed his life for the sake of most pious man of the universe on the most pious soil of the earth.

Imam-e-kabba delivering khutbba standing in mutaf
near  holy kabba

in mutaf----imam-e-kabba leading salat
Imam-e-kabba is leading prayer in Mutaf near Kaba.

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