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  Masjid JindRavi


view of Masjid    JIND RAVI    OR      
masjid sulyeman allihisalam ((LATEST VIEW))

By the permission of Allah, Nabi Sulayman [allihi salam] had power to control over  jins. It is believed that  he had imprisoned some jins in a cellar below this mosque. This mosque faces the main gate of Jannat al-Mualla in makkah .Though is masjid is not far from haram yet Five time prayer and azan is called here .Pligrims must not miss haram prayer. The name of the road where this historic mosque is present is "SHA-RE-SULEMAN"


Masjid Hudaybiya.
This is the place where the Treaty of Hudaybiya was signed and where the Meccan leaders asked the words in the treaty "Muhammad Rasulullah" to be replaced with "Muhammad bin Abdullah". Syedna Ali denied and said that he had not courage to strike off the word Rasulullah from the text of written agreement.  Then the Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hiwasalam himself  cut off the word Rasulullah from the text .


Hudabiya is situated 25 kilo meters away from holy Makkah  towards jeddah. Now a days new  express way is used
between Makkah and Jeddah. This point  does not lie on this express way. When the vehicles crosses the area of SHAMISEE  on this express way
,we are near to hudabiya but the exact location can not be seen  from here.

                                    SPOT OF HUDYBIA

    Hudabiya  is now a deserted place but the old Jeddah Makkah highway is crossing over this place. On the both sides of the highway big  walls are built over which the word HUDABIYA is written. A very deep well is there on the rigt side of the road if you going towards Jeddah. This well is dry but very deep and a  domb is over it. Pilgrims must not try to see the bottom of well as it is very dangerous.


     As we all know that on the place of Hudabiya when the remour had been spread out that the  Muslim spokesman
syedna usman radiAllah ho talla anhoo who had been in makkah to discuss matters , had been killed (shaheed) by kuffar-e-Makkah , Beloved prophet Muhammad Sallallaho allihiwasalam  took BAIT from all muslims under a tree.
It was the tree of ACASIA (in urdu BABOOL)   . This historic tree  is no more here but some bushes are found around main spot.

Masjid Shijrah.


Old view of masjid-e-shijra

Latest view of masjid-e-shijrah (Tree outside masjid proving it masjid-e-shijra

Not to be confused with the Masjid Shijrah in Madina___ Miqat, specially for Ahl-e Tasheeh__. This masjid is in holy Makkah and here the Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam  showed a miracle to kuffar-e-Makkah. On this point there was a tree.In arabic tree is called SHAJAR. Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalm was standing few yards away from  that particular tree  . Kuffar was insisting to show any miracle. Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam ordered that tree to come  to near him and salute . The obedient tree obeyed and walked towards Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam , came near to him , bow  down,presented salam(salute) and went back. This masjid  has been built exactly  over the place where that particular miracle had been happened. Since that historic event  relates to a tree (SHAJAR), the name of mosque also denoted as  SHIJRA  MASJID (the mosque of tree ) 

             View  of  Masjid-e-Shijrah . Flyover passing over
                               the MASJID SHIJRA

    Coming out from Harm through Marwa Gate(BAB_E_MARWA) , you will find a market named "SOUQ_UL_LAIL" at  your right. In general language it is called CHAPRA BAZAR --the market of sheds--. Infact on the first street  of this market has a plastic sheds. If you enter in  this street and cross it you will find a masjid at its'end This masjid has no historic value . Leaving it behind walk,keep walking straight on the main road . After a little walk you will find a fly over crossing over your head.Stop here and see a mosque on your right hand just below the fly over. It is MASJID-E-SHIJRA.
      Masjid  JINDRAVI , Masjid  JIN and Masjid RAYA , near to it.

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