Musla-e-jibrael  A.S

Mujjan is infact the place where the  first time the holy angel syedna jibrael allihi salam guided prophet Munammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam how to offer salat. After commandment of five mandatory prayers in a day,
angel jibraeel A.S descended two contineous days near the holy kabba door and by the order of Almighty Allah he learnt prophet muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalm how to offer prayer.

The method of offering salah was not told verbally but 10 practical salat [prayrs] offered contineously two days near holy kabba door  which was led by prophet  Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam and many angels and companions of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam jointly offered salah.
This historic event had taken place near to the door of kabba and  that particular spot near the door of kabba is called MUJJAN or musala-e-jibrael A.S   

on the slope 6 brown marble indicates the place of Mujjan or

Previously till 1958 a symbol of this musala was present on the floor near the kabba 
door in a  rectangle  pit hole shape but it used to  distrub  pilgrims during tawaf .So it is now filled and leveled and two symbolic SQUARES  have been drawn on the floor alongwith six brown marbles as you see in above picture  has been fixed  to indicate the exact location of Mujjan.[see two pictures below]

An old kabba pcture the symbol of musala -e-jibrael [a pit hole] is visible.
[please see RED DOT]
Six brown marble also looking on on slope of kabba wall.

Even today two SQUARES [see RED DOTS] also show the place of MUJJAN. Six
brown marble also looking on on slope of kabba wall.

In this picture you may see the musala of present imam-e-kabba is fixed leading the prayer of eid near MUJJAN(see two RED DOTS). In fact it is not permenent place of imam-e-kabba todayto lead prayers but in rush time specially on the eve of eid or Ramazan when tawaf isstopped during mendatory salat,  imam generally stands on the spot of Mujjan .
In this picture Imam-e-kabba is offering nafil salat before starting eid prayer in Hateem (seeone RED DOT)

For academic knowledge it is to be noted that syedna jibraeel A.S came near the door of kabba 10 times in two days, offering each salat twice. It was very logical to determine the timing of salat. On first day he came at starting time of 5 salat and on the next day he repeated this practice by coming at the closing time of each salat. In this way alongwith learing the method of offering salat, the duration of each 5 salat also established . 
The arrangement of these 10 prayers had started from Zuhar prayer and ended on Fajir prayer.[ first day 4 prayers + second day 5 prayers + third day 1 prayer = 10 prayers. ]

MUJJAN [brown marble] might be seen on kabba slope near
door of holy kabba.

Another view of Mujjan or Musala-e-jibrael A.S.

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