WASEEM AHMED SIDDIQUI
Al hamdollillah  web site ahlan is being viewed by lace of people around the world. I personally thank all of you who sent me mails with appreciation's and  suitable suggestions. Lot of brothers and sisters around the world appreciated my work. Here i want to make it clear that i merely tried to do an humble effort like an ordinary servant of the holy makkah and the holy madina.I think my efforts are not as equal as the viewers appreciated. It is really the mercy of Al mighty Allah tallah that he blessed me so much honour and love from viewers.
In fact the topic (the makkah and madina)  over which i have worked  is itself  has so magnetic attraction  that the person behind it becomes automatically important.These are your affection that most of you appreciated ahlan.

I specially thank Honourable Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, the ambassador of Pakistan In United kingdom who sent me few words of encouragement and honour which are really asset for me and her kind words will help me to make my work more better. Moreover  i am thankful  to Mr Tarik Allagany of  royal embassy of saudi Arabia in USA and  of Mr imran Ali 3rd secretary of pakistan embassy in washington DC-USA who sent me mails of compliments and honour.

I thank radio pakistan F.M 101 where the ahalan was discussed live for an hour . I never forget Mr Aftab Azeem ,Producer of  religious programmes of Pakistan Television, who presented a 15 minutes interview regarding AHLAN in his weekly popular religious programme HI_YA_LAL_FALHA.

I also thank daily jang karachi ,daily dawn, daily jang london, daily express, daily pakistan, daily nawa e waqat, daily ausaf, daily khabrain, daily jasarat, weekly Akhbar e jahan, weekly family magzine, weekly the mag.monthly ghazi, monthly akhbare watan ,monthly Alakhbar, monthly awaz-e-khawateen, monthly Ahang and monthly pakistan post where ahlan  is  published on full length coloured pages. I do admit here that the print media really boasted ahlan very much and they played key role to promote ahlan among muslims all over the world.
 Your suggestions will really help me to make it better. thank you
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