Ali Bin Abdul Rehman


Ali Bin Abdul Rehman Hudhaify

Sheikh Ali bin Abdul Rehman bin Ali bin Ahmed Al Hudhaify
Sheikh Ali Al Hudhaify May Allah bless him with good health Ameen
He is Ali bin Abdul Rehman bin Ali bin Ahmed Al Hudhaify has his roots from the Hudhaify tribe from Al Awamir which are from bani Khatha’m. The Awamirs dwell in northern Areedah south of Makkah by 360 kilometers. The Hudhaify family has been chosen as the leaders of Al Awamirs centuries ago and until present day remain so. Sheikh Ali Al Hudhaify was born 1366 in the village of Al Qarn Al Mustaqeem in the Awamir area into a religious family his father was the imam and khateeb of the saudi army.He first took his education from the knowledgeable in his village and completed reading the Qur’an by reading at the hand of Sheikh Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al Hudhaify Al Amry while memorized some part of it. He studied and memorized some different learning mutoon(poems)in the Sharee’ah sciences also in 1381h he attended Al Salafiyyah Al Ahliyyah school in Baljurashi and granted from it at the equivalency of middle school level. He then attended the science institute in Baljurashi and graduated from it in 1388H with completing high school. He continued his studies and entered the Sharee’ah college in Riyadh in 1388H and graduated from the same school in 1392h.

After graduating he was employed as the teacher at the science institute in Baljurashi. He taught Tafseer, Tawheed, Nahu and sarf (arabic grammar) and hand writing in addition to being imam an khateeb of the grand mosque in Baljurashi. He received his masters degree from Al Azhar university in 1395 and then received a doctoral degree from the same university in fiqh in Sharee’ah politics division. He worked at the Islamic university from 1397 and taught Tawhid and Fiqh in the Shaee’ah college. He also taught the Hadeeeth college as well as Dawah and Usool al Din college. At the time of the writing of the biography ,1418h, he was teaching the Qirra'aat in the Qur’an al Kareem college Qirra’aat division in addition to teaching at the university.

He became imam and khateeb of the Quba Mosque than was appointed imam and khateeb of the Prophets Mosque in1399. He then became imam of the Haram Mosque at the beginning of Ramadhan 1401h, and then returned to be imam and khateeb of the Prophets Mosque in 1402h and continues in this capacity. Sheikh Ali Al Hudhaify is considered one of the Qurraa of Saudi Arabia and Islamic world. He has many recordings that are used and broadcast all over the world.

The Sheikh was given an Ijazzah in the Qirrat by many of top Qurraa they are:
Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Zayyat in the ten Qirrat
Sheikh Aamir Al Sayed Uthman Ijazzah in the way of Hafs and read to him the seven
Qirra but did not complete surat Al Baqarah due to the death of sheikh Uthman.
Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Qadhi he read to him the complete Qur’an In the way of Hafs.
He also has an Ijazzah in Hadeeth from Sheikh Hammad Al Ansari.

He has a learning circle (halaqa)at the Prophts Mosque wherein he teaches Hadeeth and Fiqh and there are books written by him in his hand writing.

Imam Hudafy leading sala

Imam Hudhaify begging dua with custodian
of two holy masajid king Andullah

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