MASJID FAS'H (   مسجد  فسح    )

Masjid FAS'H

This masjid is actually exits in the bottom of the mount of uhad where the historic battle of UHAD was fought. As  all we know that in the battle of Uhad the holy prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalm got some sever wounds specially his two holy teeth were seriously hurt. On that particular situation on the day of Uhad Holy prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalm led the prayer of zuher at the spot where the masjid FAS'H  was present.

On the day of Uhad, it was just an open area but later on, most probably, in the era of Syedna Umer bin Abual Aziz R.A, a small memorial masjid was built over here and it was named "MASJID FAS'H " مسجد  فسح

Unfortunately this masjid is no more here in the shape of a proper masjid but oly its' ruins might be seen   . It is an historic place and the imporant and worth mentioning fact about the prayer of zuhar which was offered here on uhad day was led by prophet Myhammad sallallaho alli hi wasalm in sitting posture. Since he sallallaho allihi wasalm was seriously injured so he did not stand (QYAM ) in this prayer and all the companions copied him and remained in sitting posture through out the complete prayer.

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