As all of you know that Masjid-e-Quba is the first masjid of islam which foundation was laid on SINCERITY (TAQWA) and the reward of offering two rakat of nafil here is equivalent to perform an umra.

But very few know that the toilets of this great masjid are built exact to the spot which is DISLIKED by Almighty Allah. The great masjid of Quba and its toilets are adjacent to each other but according to  spiritually they have the distance of earth and sky. No match between each other.

This spot was so much UNLIKED by Almighty Allah that the verses (ayat )of holy Quran also descended (revealed) regading its' unliking.

The toilets and ablution area which might be seen in front of MASJID-e-QUBA in madina is said to be the place where the Masjid-e-zarar

was built by the hypocrites (Munafeqeen) , the enemies of

Muslims.They used to make evil plans against muslims with

the cordination of jews in the shelter of this masjid

They even invited beloved prophet Muhammad sallalla ho

allihi wasalm to come and offer prayer there.


Almighty Allah helped Rasool Allah sallalla ho allihi

wasalm and forbade him to go there,indicating the fact the

of hypocracy (Munafqat) which were being made in this masjid,

through WAHEE and revealed holy Quran Soorah At-Tawba,

[Ayah 107 - 110.]

By the order and commandment of Alimighty Allah , RasoolAllah sallalla ho
allihi wasalam had burnt this masjid and named it as
Masjid-zarar [in Arabic zarrar means TO HURT]M

Please  take one more information--- In holy  glorious Quran,

, t
here are 5 Masajids (mosques) 
including  Masjid Zarar  Masajids (mosques)have been  discussed..
4 with the good names and one with notorious name.

Following are the name of all 5 masajid(mosques)
discussed in HOLY QURAN

. Masjid-e-Haram in Makkah

2. Masjid-e-Aqsa in Baitul Muqaddas, Palestine

3. Masjid-e-Quba in Madina

4. Masjid-e-Nabawwi in Madina

And the notorious one

5. Masjid-e-Zarar in Madina

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