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1 .  It is situated between Shara-e-Qasheia and Muhallah "Hujun" near to Jannat-ul-Moalla (Makkah's holy Graveyard).

Latest view of masjid-e-jinn (pic 30-06-03)

Another view

 Few years back 'it was built by red bricks. it is little older view.

Now It is reconstructed with  marble. Few ladies pilgrims are standing in front
of masjid- jin

2 .  Before starting "Vahee" (Quran), Jins had power to reach to the skies where they used to pick some decissions or orders discussed by angels. Jins used to come to the earth and tell what they heard. One or two among them  (wholly or Partially) become true. But after starting of "Vahee", they felt that now there was some  power which  had been  restricting  them to go to skies.

 3. Once a group of Jins was flying over the place where now this mosque (Masjid-e-Jin) is situated, they heard the holy words of Quran from the mouth of Prophet Syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi waslam who had been offering morning prayer. After listening the holy words of Quran, Jins said with each others  that  those were the words (sound) which had been preventing them to go to skies. Jins realized the reality of true faith and they came down. Listened the verses of  holy Quran and accepted Islam on the hands of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi waslam at this place. Because of such reason this mosque is called "Masjid-e-Jinn".

3 . It is now constructed by light grey marble. previously it was  Red tiled mosque situated  very near to "Haram" between two muhallas, named Shoab-Amir and muhalla Salmania. This place can be found if anyone comes out from "Haram" through  'Bab-e-Mararwa    where saie comes to an end. Pligrim must take left turn to first street out side haram .it is souaq-ul-lail (Lail bazar) covered with sheds. In local language  it is called CHAPRA BAZAR. cross this shaded street (chapra bazar) you find a mosque there . it is not masjid-e-jinn. Some people mistakenly think this is masjid-e-jin. No, leaving this mosque behind, keep walking straight on the left hand side of the road untill you reached near a pedestrian overhead bridge. Just adjacent to this overhead bridge you will find mosque at your left. it is masjid-e-jin.
     Beautiful look of latest masjid-e-jinn.( pedestrian bridge is visible near minaret)


  Another view of masjid-e-jin and pedestarian bridge


Another view

It is the name stone of masjid-jin-outside wall ,beside main gate

                                                            old view of Masjid-e-jinn when it was  built with
                                                               red bricks.

Masjid-e-Jinn -  Makkah


1 .  This beautiful mosque is situated a few kilometres away from "Masjid-ul-Haram". It is the place where  the people of Makkah, wear "Ahram" if they want to perform Umra.The people who come outside Makkah with ahram and performed Umra  and wants to perform another living in the vicinity of 'Makkah' they have to go to Aisha mosque for fresh "Ahram". It is just like "MEQAT" (Place where AHRAM has to put on by pilgrims)

Newest out side look of masjid-e-aisha -taneem

An older outside look of same masjid.

2 .  After every few minutes, local buses go to "Masjid-e-Aisha (RA)". These buses terminate and restart in front of "Bab-e-Fahad", newly build gate of Haram. These buses are easily available and take fifteen minutes for "Masjid-e-Aisha". Some buses have double deck but ladies are not allowed on upper compartment. Buses take 4 Riyals for up and down journey where as taxies take 20 Riyals for both side. Use of buses is advisable as these are empty  and easily available.

In side look of Masjid-e-aisha. pilgrims taking little rest in spare time

Masjid-e-Aisha --- Ta`neem

3 .  The original name of "Masjid-e-Aisha" is "TA NEEM". In Makkah some people say it "Masjid-e-Aisha" and some say Ta`neem and some say "Umra".  Once the mother of UMMA, "Syeda Aisha(RA) put on Ahram from this point and this is the reason, it is called "Masid-e-Aisha (RA)". Once Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) was coming to Makkah with his wife "Syeda Aisha (RA)" and other companions, for performing Umra. Ummul Moumeneen, Syeda Aisha (RA), could not come under   "Ahram" because of some unavoidable natural reasons. During the stay in Makkah, when ummul momeeneen syeda  Aisha Radiallah ho talla anha got her purity, she expressed her desire to perform Umra. Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) allowed her to go to outside Makkah (Ta`neem) for wearing "Ahram". This sunna has been  following by faithful since then.

Entrance of aisha  masjid

Beautiful inner view of beloved masjid-e-Aisha (TANEEM)
                      pic taken on 30-06-03

Another inside view in year 2006

4 .  This mosque is very attractive and has peaceful atmosphere. From one door women enter in where as the second one is used by men. Outside mosque, beautiful modern bathrooms are built which are properly maintained and cleaned. Showering system is excellent. Water is supplied according to weather conditions. Few small and beautiful shops are there outside mosque. From these shops, "Ahram" and other eatable items might be bought.
anoter spritual view of masjid-e-aisha

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