1 .  It is the place where Prophet (S.A.W) and his companions had worn AHRAM for performing Umra. It is MEEQAT (Dead Point of Putting one AHRAM) for the Madina.

                                               A complete view of masjid zou halifa

  2 .  If you travel by bus from Madina to Makkah, you will find this mosque 12 Km. from Madina. Actually this spot had a well of Syedna Ali(R.A) and  the Muslims used to take bath and put on their Ahram before departing to makkah performing umra or haj. In Arabia "well" means "BERE". Because of this reason this spot is called Bere-e-Ali.

                                                              out side view of masjid zou halifa or masjid  bere Ali
                                                                                               or masjid Meeqat

3 .  At present a big, beautiful mosque Zo-Halifa is built for the convenience of  pilgrims. Since the Pilgrims repeat the sunnah of wearing Ahram here, a number of modern washrooms have been made where cold/hot water is available round the clock, a big parking lot is made where busses and all the vehicles are parked. Around this parking lot small shops are available  where eatable items and other necessary items can easily be bought.

4 .  After construction of big mosque ,the exact point of the well of syedna Ali is not traceable.


         Another outside view of masjid-Ali or Bere-e-Ali  or Meeqat from Madina munawwarah              


Some other good looks of masjid zoohalifa

Bere-Ali Or Meeqat mosque near madina


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