1 .  During the whole life of Prophet (S. A. W.), his two companions were very close to him (S. A.W.). One of them was Syedna Abu Bakar (RA) and other one was Syedna Umer(RA).

2 .  Syedna Abu Bakar (RA)was the first man who embraced Islam. After the event of MERAJ, Kuffar did not accept it easily but Abu Bakar (RA) strongly recognized and seconded the event of MERAJ without any hesitation. Because of such reason, Prophet (S. A. W.) gave him a title name "SIDDIQ", which means "True Spoken". during migration journey, Abu Bakar (RA) was the partner of Prophet
(S. A. W.) and he (RA) tolerated all the cruelties of enemies but did not let Prophet Muhammad (S. A.W.) alone at any stage. Abu Bakar (RA) was the man who donated all his savings and property during "BATTLE OF TABBUK" which made him the lion of Prophet (S.A. W.). Syedna Abu Bakar (RA) has the honour to lead few prayers in "Masjid-e-Nabvi"during last few days before the death of Prophet
(S. A. W.). This was the indication that Prophet (S. A. W.) used to consider him the most reliable and knowledgeable person among his companions.

Graves as indicated
3 .  Syedna Umer was very brave and expert in sword driving. He (RA) was the 40th person who embraced Islam. Before accepting Islam, Prophet (S. A. W.) prayed Allah to convert Umer in to Muslim so that Islam could flourish through him (RA). Actually he was the result of Prophet (S. A. W.) pray (Dua) after accepting Islam of Syedna Umer (RA) muslims started to pray openly without any fear of enemies. On one occasion Prophet (S. A. W.) said, "If there had been any Prophet after me, he would have been Umer (RA).

4 .  These two are so close to Prophet (S. A. W.) in his life, Almighty Allah, did not separate them each other EVEN after their deaths. Now in Rodha-e-Prophet (S. A. W.) there are three graves. First one is of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) and in front of  his chest the second one is of Syedna Abu Bakar (RA) and in front of his chest the third one is of Syedna Umer (RA).

5 .  After the burial of Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA), a right of ummul momineen syeda Aisha R.A was determined that she would be buried here in the holy sherine. But once Syedna Umer requested Syeda Aisha to allow him to bury him self in the shrine. Syeda Aisha accepted his request.

6 .  If we stand in front of the golden grill of Prophet's (S. A. W.) shrine, the biggest hole indicates the exact position of Prophet (S. A. W.) grave whereas two smaller holes present the positions of both the Caliphs respectively.

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