1 .  Very few know that in the shrine of Syedna Muhammad (S. A. W.) there is a place where Syedna Essa (AH) will be buried.

 2 .  According Islamic facts, Syedna Essa (AH) was lifted alive by Almighty from the earth. He (AH) is still alive in the skies and the time will come when he (AH) appear over a minaret of a mosque in Seria. He will be the follower of last Prophet (S. A. W.) and will fight against enemies of Islam. He (AH) will kill "DAJAL" (one eyed liar who will come in this world to deceive people before Day of Judgment) and Islam will rule all over the world. He (AH) will live forty years and like other human beings he (AH) will eventually die. After his (AH) death he (AH) will be laid to rest in the shrine of Prophet (S. A. W.). Pilgrims can not find any sign of it at present here.

MUSALA -E- PROPHET (S. A. W.) - Place where Prophet Stood for Prayer.

Musala-e-Rasool    Riaz-ul-Janna floor

1 .  Today where Emam leads the five time prayers is the place, which was built in the era of Syedna Usman (RA). In the time of Prophet (S. A. W.) this place was out of Masjid. The exact position of Prophet's (S. A. W.) is few rows behind the present Musala-e-Emam. It is in Riaz-ul-Janna and remained crowded with lovers of Prophet (S. A. W.). Now, a small wall is built where the Prophet forehead used to touch the floor. Now when a worshiper touches his forehead to the floor it is the exact place where the  of Prophet (S. A. W.) used to stand for pray.

Beautiful look of mehrab-e-nabwi(s.a.w) over musala
Nabi sallallaho allihi wasalam

Gnerally pilgrims think that the curved depth of the mehrab is the exact location of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam Musalah which is not correct . Actually the right pillar of this mehrab is the exact location of Musal-e-Rasool sallallaho allihi wasalam and on that pillar it is very clearly written in arabic that " IT IS MUSLA-E-RASOOL sallallaho allihi wasalam". Please see the picture given below to understand the exact position position of
Musal-e-Rasool sallallaho allihi wasalam.

In this pic the curved depth ,shown at number1 is not exact place of
sallallaho allihi wasalam.
Of course the exact location is shown by number 2. If you see
carefully, you may note a very clear
arabic written sentence on the pillar saying 
"HAZA MUSAL-E-RASOOL sallallaho allihi wasalam .


MUSAL-E-RASOOL sallallaho alli hi wasalam
Some pilgrims become confuse to see another mehrab near to the mehrab-e-Rasool sallallaho allihi wasalam .Actually this mehrab looks just like the actual mehrab of Prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam and situated near the actual mahrab-e-nabvi. Both the mehrabs are lying in straight line and in the same row(SAF) which creats confusion . Please see two comparative pictures below to understand the difference .Naked eyes usually deceive to understand.

1.It is exact musala-e-Rasool.                                                    1.It is not musala-e-Rasool 
2.The curved depth of mahrab has a design in the center       2.The curved depth of mehrab has no design in center
3.The green white mixed carpeton floor                        3.The red carpet on the floor.
4. Musala-e-Rasool is written on right pillar.                  4.Nothing written on any pillar .
5. Green white carpet means it is Riaz-ul-jannah            5. Red carpet shows it is not
IIt is said that the other Mehrab is made by a king Muzffar at the place where Imam Abu Hanifa had led the prayer .Wallah Alam bis sawab .

It is Riaz-ul-jannah.Actual area of masjid-e-nabvi when prophet
Muhammad sallallaho allihiwasalam was alive.
Musalla-un-Nabi also visible

2 .  If you enter in the mosque through "Bab-e-Baqqi" you will find shrine of Prophet (S. A. W.) on your right hand and as soon as you cross the shrine you will find a right turn and this turn will lead you in "Riaz-ul-Janna" just stepping in. In "Riaz-ul-Janna" this spiritual Musala will be just at your left hand.
beautiful spritual look of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alliwasalams' MUSLLAH
Mehrab-e-nabi sallalla ho allihi wasalam in masjid-e-nabvi                                            

RIAZ -UL- JANNA (Garden of Heaven)

1 .  The area from the house of Syeda Aisha (now shrine of Prophet S. A. W.) to Musala-e-Prophet
(S. A. W.) is called "RIAZ-UL-JANNA". In arabic, Riaz means Garden and Janna means Heaven. Therefore, this part of "Masjid-e-Nabvi" is called the garden of Heaven.

Green white mixed carpet confirming it Riaz-ul-jannah

2 .  Riaz-ul-Janna is actually a part of land which kissed the feet of Prophet (S. A. W.) thousands of time. Prophet (S. A. W.) use to walk bare footed at least, five times in this area in a day. Really, we may feel grood over this piece of land. Almighty Allah, also love this small area of land and because of this fact, He (Almighty Allah) has decided to lift it up at the Day of Judgment as a Garden of Paradise.

In Riaz-ul-jannah the sayings (Hadees)
of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi
wasalam has been fixed on golden grill which is self explainatory. (The meaning
of this written Hadess is "Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam said :
The passage in between my house (now ROZA) and my Mimber (Place delivering
 khutba) is the garden of Jannah ")


Riaz-ul-Janna - actual mosque area of Prophet's Life
In Riazul jannah you may see Musala-e-rasool
sallallaho allihi wasalam showing with green arrow.The
Red arrow showing the place where prophet sallaho
allihiwasalam led the prayer few days after commandments
of changing of qibla

3 .  Because of such importance the area of Riaz-ul-Janna has great spiritual attraction for pilgrims. For the convenience of the pilgrims this part of mosque is carpeted entirely in different colour. Whole the mosque has red carpets but here its colours are green. The pillars of this area is also different to other parts of the mosque. The strips and designs of pillars are white and and golden.

Left foot in riaz-ul-jannah (green carpet)and right outside Riaz-ul-jannah (red carpet)
 In "Riaz-ul-Janna" you will find many more spiritual and historic spots of Islamic History in which, Musala-e-Rasool (S. A. W.), the "MIMBER" (The Place of Calling AZAN and Delivering Sermon) and well known historic pillars (ASTEVANA) are important.

Three red dots indicating the exact height of initial masjid-e-nabvi .
It was the roof of initial masjid nabvi. On the top of the roof syedna
Bilal Habshi R.A used to call Azans in the life of Prophet Muhammad
sallallaho allihi wasalam. Continuing the tradition and sunnah ,even
today the Mozzin of Masjid nabvi calls Azan at this spot. He also
calls Aqamat and takbeerats from this roof. After new big high roofs
of masjid-e-Nabvi , this old roof looks like a stage.

The series of pillars in row indicating the exact boundries of Masjid-e-nabvi in
Riaz-ul-jannah . Please note that on the top of every pillar it is written in arabic
"حد مسجد نبی علیہ سلام  ". Written script is not readable in this picture so please
see picture below to read "
حد مسجد نبی علیہ سلام  "

Close picture of one of many pillars standing in a row to indicate the exact boundries
of initial Masjid nabvi. you may easily read "
حد مسجد نبی علیہ سلام  ".

4 .  If you enter in "Masjid-e-Nabvi" through "Bab-e-Baqqi", you will find Prophet's (S. A. W.) shrine at your right hand and the Kaba direction will be at your left. Just crossing the golden grill of Prophet's
(S. A. W.) shrine you will find a way to turn to your right. As soon as you will find your self over green carpets of Riaz-ul-Janna. Now, Prophet's (S. A.W.) Shrine will come to your right and Musala-e-Rasool
(S. A. W.) just at your left and you will be standing against "Qibla" direction.

It is enter from here. you will
find the rodha-e-Rasool fence on your right
just entering in and qibla on your left.
 crossing fence of rodh-e-Rasool  you find
a right turn just after fence ends. The above
pic shows the right turn which  leads you
from front of rodh-e-rasool to Riaz-ul-jannah.
Riaz-ul-jannah is visible. if  you step in qibla
will be in your back .Head side wall  of Rodha
will beon your right . Musala Rasool will be
at your  left just entring in and the present
musala of imam  will be at your back.                                 

5 .  If you are entering in "Masjid-e-Nabvi" from "Bab-e-Jibrael", you will find feet area of Prophet's
(S. A. W.) shrine. After entering in if you walk straight a little, you will find two plateforms one at your left (adjacent to shrine's back wall) and the other at your right (it is bigger than first one and it is called Suffa Plateform). When you cross both the plateforms keeping one on left hand and other on the right you will be in "Riaz-ul-Janna".
Green carts indicate the exact place of masjid-e-nabvi
of prophets' sallal la ho allihi wasalam time. It means
this is riaz-ul-jannah.

A beautiful sayings of prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam in
Riaz-ul-jannah .Its' meanings are that the  Prophet
Muhammad sallallaho
allihi wasalam said "One prayer in this masjid is most rewardable than
other masajids except Masjid-ul-Haram .

A piece of carpet in Riaz-ul-jannah


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