GUMBAD -E- KHIZRA (Green Dome)

1 .  There is no need to explain the spritual popularity of the green dome which is over the shrine of Prophet (S. A. W.). Every Muslim loves this dome and it is fact that this dome has become the symbol of Madina-al-Munawwara. In Arabic, it is called Gumbad-e-Khizra (Green Dome).

Gumbad-e-Khizra (Green Dome)
2 .  Before 678 Hijra, there was no dome over the shrine of Prophet (S. A. W.). First of all in 678 Hijra, a wooden dome was made by the Mamluke ruler, the Sultan, Al-Mansoor Qalaawoon but in 893 Hijra it was replaced with an other dome which was built by Turks King "Kubtai" and first time green colour was used.
Green Domb By Night -Prophet's Mosque P.B.U.H.
Lastly in 1233 Hijra, the King Mehmood  Bin Abdul Hamed Usmani built a new dark green dome over the shrine which was very beautiful and long lasting. This is the dome which we look today over the shrine.

     An old look of gumbad-e- Kihzra.

please read foliowing points to understand what the GREEN

1. There was no dome on the holy roza-e-adqa sallalla ho
   allihi wasalam till 678 hijra.

2. In 678 hijra first time a dome was built by

    the Mamluke ruler, the Sultan, Al-Mansoor Qalaawoon.
   it was wooden
  dome and lead was also used in it.
It was square at the bottom and octagonal at the top.

3. In 889 hijria after 208 years,king malik ashraf qatbaie
   constructed one more dome over wooden dome. white and
   black stone had used in it and it is called GUMBAD-E-BAIZA
   [WHITE DOME]---[and in this way the wooden dome disapeared
   despite its' existance.]

4. In 992 hijra , just only 6 years later king Qatbaie again
   made another dome over his first one. it was BLUE DOME and
   fire proof stones were used to build it. These stones were
   brought from Egypt.[in thiS way wooden dome and white dome
   disappeared from seen even their existance.]

5. In 1233 hijra,after 341 years,king Mahmood bin Abdul Hameed,
   the secind, nay reconstructed QATBAIE dome and after 22
   more years in 1255 it is FIRST TIME PAINTED GREEN AS LOOKS
   EVEN TODAY.[ In this way three domes ---wodden dome, white
   dome and blue dome has been covered by todays'holy GREEN
   DOME and perhaps the previou 3 domes might necer be seen
   again despite their existance.]

Holy green dome is being wasehed by luckies  

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