NO 58

Grave of syeda Asma bint abu bakar in jannat-ul malla makkah. She was
the lady who prepared meal secretly for prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hiwasalam
and for his father Abu bakar siddiq when they departed to journey of hijrah. She was great
laday and accepted islam in very early stage.

It is Hudaybia where historic treaty of hudabiya was signed between  prophet
Munahhad  sallalla ho allihi wasalam and kuffar-e-quresh

Grave of Abdullah bin zubair in jannat-ul-malla makkah, maternal grand son
of syedna Abubakar siddiq, sacrified his life for prorsperity of islam.

People residing insaudi arabia use this meeqat for obseving Ahram going towards
Makkah by road.its' name is VADI-MEHRIM

Grave of syedna Abu Tlib in jannat-ul-malla makkah

Grave of syedna Abdur Rehman bin Abubakar siddiq in jannat-ul-malla. Makkah

Masjid-e-jurana ---It is mwwqat pilgrims coming to Makkah from Taif. People residing Makkah also
observe Ahram here.RasoolAllah sallalla ho alli hiwasalam also put on Ahram from this spot coming to
Makkah from Taif.

Mount of Marwa where saie ends

Ablution area ---place of wazoo---in jannat -ul Baqi Madina Munawwarah