NO 59

An old picture of jabal-e-abu qubais ------------THE FIRST EVER MOUNTAIN GREATED BY
ALMIGHTY ALLAH ON THE EARTH-----------------and a small white masjid on the top of hill
named MASJID BILAL---where the prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam showed the
miracle of bifercating moon into two parts--- .This masjid no more here. Beautiful palace of king
has been built here and this spot has come in the palace

An old view of holy kabba and mutaf in 1937. No flooring.

Historic saffa mount looks like it from upper level Mass'a---the place of saie-------

Latest view of Haram .Abraj-e-zamzam out side Haram just in front of Bab-e-Abdul
Aziz ---gate No. 1 of Haram---having big Clock mighty be seen from every where in
holy Makkah.

Same picture of Abraj-e-zamzam. In the night the colours of dial and its' arrows

One of THE meeqats----DEAD END OF WRAPING AHRAM--- named VADI

The grave of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hiwasalam's beloved uncle  Abu Talib
in jannat ul malla , Makkah

An old but precious picture. The visible gate name is  BAB-E-BANI SHEEBA------- is
actually the one of exit gate in olden days. Now gate is in the  terrotory of Haram and
there is no indication of it BUT  this place is historic as the prophet Muhammad sallalla
ho allihi waslam had got burried here the biggest idol named habal after conquering
Makkah which  had been kept in kabba by kuffar-e-Makkah.

Historic hill of Marwa where the swven Round of saie comes to an end