zam zam is stored in 8 under ground tanks in masjid-ul-haram. This is the picture
of one under ground tank which is being wiped out or cleaned

It is one of the gate of masjid-e-nabvi sallalla ho allihi wasalam but it has a significant value . Here was
the hujra or house syedna Abubakar siddiq. The name of this door is BAB-E-ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUI

Few  Kilo meters away from Makkah on old makkah jeddah high way it is holy museum buiding in which
old memorable items and pictures related to masjid-ul-Haram and Masjid-e-nabvi are kept.

It  is Badar battle field and shuda-e-Badar are burried here. Name of  shudas visible near grave yard

A lucky man sweping holy Kabba.

At Ohad mount the cave is visible wherte the holy prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam took rest
after getting wound in the battle and two holy teeth were broken---shaheed---
Arrow showing the way to go up.

This is the holy grave of Amma bibi khateeja R.A in jannat-ul-malla AND the small
grave is of her infant boy child syedna Qasim ---TAHIR OR TAYYAB---R.A who had
passed away in infancy.

A close look of  cave on ohad mount where prophet sallalla ho alli hi wasalam took rest after getting wound in
the battle. Two holy teeth broken ---shaheed---and wounds were dressed here.

In the battle of Bdar Rasool Allah salallah allihi wasalam stayed in a shelter and beggedduas for muslims
victory and angels decended to help muslims . In arabic shelter means AREESH. Now at the exact place where
sheter was fixed a masjid is built and its name
is Areesh. It is inner view of masjid AREESH today.