One out of those two mountains in TAIF which were asked by angles from prophet
Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam to meet with each other if he sallallaho allihi
wasalam desired on the painful historic event when the people of Taif was teasing
and throwing stones over prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam . But the
merciful prophet forbade to do so, keeping the hope that there might be some
one born  muslim among  these taifs mischief people who helped islam to flourish.
In the circle is the masjid named MASJID ADAS . It was named to a prophet conpanion
who helpedprophet when he sallalla ho allihi wasalam was in trouble in taif and 
SYEDNA ADAS was a slave and only one person who emraced islam during whole
taif preaching of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.

It is MUQAM-E-IBRAHEEM but you see a sea green cushion in it. This cushion
is used to keep key of holy kaba's door .

Canon which is placed on one of the Makkah mount in holy month of
Ramadan every year and fired at the time of Ramadan moon sighting
seven times and at the time of sehar and aftar through out the whole month
of ramadan. It is also fired when eid moon sighted.

More  than 100 years old picture of holy Makkah street when
the drapery --ghilaf---of kaba wall is being brought to Haram.

More tha 100 years old picture of a mozzin who used to call
azan in masjid-ul-Haram.

Old picture. Holy kaba is surrounded by flood water.

More than 100 years old holy kaba .

Another old kaba pic .

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