1. In  early days when prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam migrated to madina, muslims had to face great difficulty to get drinking water. There was no well surrounding muslims population except well of romma which was the property of a jew and he used to sell water at a very high cost. Muslims were no able to purchase so costly water.Prophet sallala ho allihi wasalam wanted to purchase that well for muslims.He sallalla hi allihi wasalam said that  the person who would purchase that well for their muslim brothers , would get a river in heaven after death. At this occasion syedna usman R.A who was wealthy person among  muslims came forward,  purchased the  well of romma and paid unbar gained  demand of that cruel  jew . Syedna usman paid 25 thousand darham for that well and donated its' water free among muslims of madina.

Board indicating spot of syedna usman R.As' well in m

2 . In madina this well is still known with its name ber-e-roma. some people say it ber-e-usman. it is situated near masjid-e qiblatain. if you come to main road  returning from masjid-e qiblatain you can find this well on the north of masjid-e-qiblatain. it is situated  on muddy path There is no proper road leads to ber-roma. Now a small road has been built and this area is locally called   SULTANA .

Arrow showing the exact location of bere-e-Roma or well
of syedna  usman R.A

3. Visiting this historic well pilgrims must memorize the most difficult  and painful period of syedna usman. when he was caliph and the enemies had restricted his movement in the city and  had been  forced not to come out from his house . Cruel enemies even stopped  the water supply of that particular  well which had been purchased and donated by him for their muslims fellow. Caliph usman R.A was at last killed (shaheed) by munfaqeen.

BER-E-GHARS   (well of ghars)
1. The water of this well got honour to be used for ghusal-mubarak of holy prophet when he sallallaho allihiwasalam passed away.
2. Now the mouth of this well is covered  and  impossible to see its' bottom but its' location and structure  might be witnessed very easily. Though the general arabic vehicles do not show this place yet if private taxies are hired (preferable pakistani /indian/bangali drivers) ,they show this holy place.

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 LOOK OF WELL OF GHARS (close look)

Most famous well probably the in Madinah: al-Ghars located about a kilometre east of Quba, al-Ghars is a well from which the Prophet sallalla ho alli hi wasalam  drank and made ablution.
According to Hadith, the Prophet  also spat in the well and poured in some honey. Having done this, he sallalla ho allihi wasalm told his Companions that al-Ghars was a fountain of Paradise. Ibn Majah quotes 'Ali  as saying that the Prophet [SAW] then ordered his Companions to ceremoniously
wash him with seven waterskins from this well after his death.

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