The eldest daughter of Abu Bakr was  Syeda Asma. Her mother was Qutaila
 who did not become a Muslim and was divorced by Abu Bakr. When the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr sought refuge in a cave outside Makkah on the occasion of Migration to Madina, Asma used to carry food to them under the cover of darkness. When the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr left the cave, Asma tore her apron and tied the goods with the two belts. For this ingenuity, she received from the Holy Prophet, the title “She of the two belts”. she was the eighteenth personality ebmraced islam.

Dhat an-Nitaqain is the nickname of Asma bint Abu Bakr Raziyallahu anha. When Huzoor Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and Abu Bakr Siddique Raziyallahu anhu fled Makkah for Madina, they spent 3 days in a cave "Ghar e thour" outside Makkah.

Asma Raziyallahu anha prepared provisions for them, and she tore her sash/waist belt in half and used half to help tie the provisions for carrying. seeing her devotion and sincerity , She was then given the nickname Dhat an-Nitaqain, or the Owner of Two Sashesby prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam .She did all these efforts secretly because the enemies of Makkah were wandering around badly to search prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.

In Makkah the road where this board i fixed, leads to SOAR CAVE
where prophet  Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam had been hiding
himself with companion Abubakar sidiq R.A. Since syeda Asma bin
abubakar had used this way to reach SOAR CAVE, now it is named to
the title name of syeda Asma .(Dhat an-Nitaqain,)

She was married to Zubair, a cousin of the Holy Prophet. At Madina, soon after migration, Asma gave birth to Abdullah, who was the first Muslim child to be born after migration. After the tragedy of Kerbala, Abdullah declared himself as the Caliph at Makkah. When the Umayyads stormed the city of Makkah, Abdullah consulted Asma who was then eighty years old, as to what he should do. She advised, “If you believe your cause to be right you should be ready to die for it, if on the other hand your object is merely worldly gain, then you may certainly compromise with your enemy”.

When Abdullah died, Hajjaj gave instructions that Abdullah’s lifeless body be crucified. To add insult to injury, he declared that it would only be taken down if Asma beseeched him to do so. Asma (RA) refused to do any such thing and her refusal was relayed to Hajjaj. The tyrant vowed that she would come to him, or he would send someone to drag her by her hair. In return, Asma vowed that she would not come to him, unless someone did drag her by her hair.

In the end, Hajjaj went to Asma’s residence. Keen to see her spirit broken, he insolently Inquired: “What do you say about this matter?”. She proudly replied, “As far as I am concerned, the result of the battle between you and my son is that you have destroyed his worldly life and he has destroyed your akhirah (hereafter)!” Asma then contemptuously asked: “Has not the time yet arrived for this knight to dismount?” Hajjaj replied, “You mean this munafiq (hypocrite?)” Asma boldly countered, “By Allah! He was not a munafiq. He was a man well-known for his prayers and fasting. I heard Allah’s Messenger (SAW) say that a great liar and a great fitnah-maker will arise from the tribe of Thaqeef. We have already seen the liar (Musaylimah al-Kathab) and I think that the fitnah-maker is none other than you!”

Asma bin Abu Bakr died a few days after the murder of her son Abdullah.

The grave of yeda Ama bint-e-Abubakar is in Makkahs' holy grave

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