View of kaba mount .

Kaba mountain is very near  to masjid-ul-haram in Makkah. if you come out from masjid ul Haram from bab-ul-umra [umra gate] you find mohlla SHABEEKHA in front of you, few steps ahead where big multistoried hotels and buildings might be seen. On the back of such huge buildings you may see this mount.
It was initially a reasonable mount but now it has been removed due to some construction but a small piece of it is still there.

Actually after a historical event this mount got a significance honor in islamic history which separated it from other mounts. you can realize its' spirituality and significance just to know the stone and blocks which we see today fixed  in the walls of the holy Kaba has been taken from this mount.

The kaba was initially constructed  by prophet syedna Adam allihi salam with the help of angels . The stones for building of such walls of holy Kaba was taken from
1. Mount Toor
2.Mount Hira and
3. Mount Judi

Secod time  when holy Kaba was reconstructed by syedna Ibraheem allihi salam , he used the stone of MOUNT QUBAIS .

In the year 1040 Hijri, more than 400 years ago, when the walls of Holy Kaba was severly damaged because of heavy rains, the ruller of that time Sultan Murad khan reconstructed it and used the stone of KABA MOUNT which we may see even today in kabba walls.

Because of such reason this mount got a significance importance in muslin history. The stone used in the walls of holy Kaba from this mount are called "hajr-al-sawan" in Arabic language.

Stone of jabal-e-kabba in Holy Kaba walls for last more
than 400 years before polishing
in the year 1996.

Stone of jabal-e-kabba in Holy Kaba walls for last more than
400 years after  polishing in the year 1996.

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