Stone of  khutba ..
Stone on which prophet stood to deliver
             Farewell haj sermon....

   In the history of  humanity, no body can deny the   importance of  the last  sermon delivered
by Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam on the eve of his  lonely and last haj  at  10th
hijra.Before the declaration of the compulsory (farz) haj in 8th hijra, a customary haj had been
performed by the people of  Makkah and other tribes on 9th of zilhijah every year.     Prophet
Muhammad  sallalla ho allihi wasalam performed many  haj at that time but after the  Haj being  
declared fraz prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam found only two occasion of haj .

  Stone on which prophet stood to deliver Farewell haj sermon
                                               khutba .

At the time of  first Haj on 9th hijra prophet could not perform  it due to  some  social  and
political reasons. On that occasion prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam appointed
syedna Abu bakar siddiq Raddi Allah ho talla anho, the leader (imam) of muslimeen.

On the eve of second haj on10th hijra Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam performed
his first haj and that became  his last and lonely farz haj.  when the prophet was  performing  his
last Haj, he had  been knowing  that it  would be the   last haj of his life as in last   Ramadan the
revelation of  holy Quran had been  completed and the  angle  jibrael allihisalam  got  him  sllalla
ho allihi wasalam recited it twice .In previous ramdans this pratice had  been done once.       All
these things had been  given indications to prophet   Muhammad   sallalla ho  allihi wasalam  that
now the time  is coming nearer to leave this world physically.              Realizing this fact  prophet
Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam  stood  on a mercy  mount  (jabal-e-Rahmat)  in araft  field
on  haj day and delivered a historical khutba which purely based on the safe guard of  human and
In his sermon he sallalla ho alli hi wasalam expressed his feeling  and said that   perhaps it would be
the last haj of his life He sallalla ho allihi wasalam said   that from that day   no white is preferable to
black and vice-versa. No arab is better  than non-arab and no non-arab  is better  than arab except
 TAQWA (sincerity). He sallalla ho allihi wasalam declared forbidden (Haram) the blood
(killing) of one to another.
During my ( waseem Ahmed siddiqui_pioneer AHLAN) visit to holy harmain on 8th time in the
 year  2004,  i got  honor to  see the stone or you may call it, the  rock  on  which the prophet
 Muhammad salllla  ho allihi wasalam  had stood to deliver last  historical sermon (khutba  haj-
atul-wida). The authenticity of it is not very much confirmed but the residents near bye and guides
 show it with great respect .Some faithful had written their holy remarks over that stone.

It is lying in Arafat field in the bottom of  the mercy mount ( jabal-e-Rahmat). if you faces towards
 mercy mount and see to your right hand near the road , you may find it. Lot of
written holy
remarks  may be seen on that stone or rock.



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