All the muslims know that once the prophet Muhammad Sallallaho allihiwasalam showed the miracle of spliting  moon into two parts  just by his holy index finger pointing  towards full moon. This place might have been seen till 20 to 25 years ago just standing in mutaf ( place where the tawaf is performed). A mosque over the mountain where this miracle was observed had been built , named  masjid_e-Bilal Or Masjid_e-Hilal but now this mosque is no more there.


An old picture exactly tells us where this  mosque had exist.

see white masjid on the top of the hill


An other old view

The little white  mosque on the top of the hill is the exact location of this miracle happining. it is actually the mount of Qubais and now the beautiful palace of king has been built here.

see two pictures below old and latest and compare

Lonely minerate of safa gate on extreme right is visible in both pictures. In old picture, on the top of  the hill you may see small houses and in the middle Masjid-e-Hilal  where as in new picture you see kings' beautiful palace on same location. In  the middle section of the palace which is little bit higher  seems to be the place of bifurcating  moon or the place of Masjid-e-Hilal.

Now pilgrims may just realize its location by standing in mutaf facing towards Minerate of safa gate which is also seen in the above picture. After modern construcion of haram the look of all mineratres and the whole Haram has been changed  but minerate over  safa gate might br recognised easily even today as it has single minerate while all other minerates are standing in pairs.

Top hill pic of masjid-e-bilal. Now it is no

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