This is the purest part of the earth. This is the place which is chosen by Almighty Allah (GOD) for His HAR`M. In Holy "Quran" it is called  "BA-BAKKATUL MUBARKA". This part of the earth is also discussed and explained in other religious book  like Bible.

 Holy kabba in masjid-ul-Haram and surroundings of Makkah    

beautiful view of todays' Makkah city
A street of toady's' Makkah city

it was a rough and colourless place which was covered by black mountains. There was neither any source of water nor any type of bushes. No body, could think about life but Almighty Allah chose this place, and now, it is a beautiful, modern city, which colours and lights are indescribable. It is called "UM-MUL QURA" which means the mother of all cities.

Due to respect and purity, there is no Airport in Makkah but in Jeddah, which is one hour drive away has two International Airports and a sea port . Jeddah is the first destination for the pilgrims. Umra pilgrims may easily come to makkah from both of the jeddah airports by buses and taxis which are easily available out side airports.. Buses generally takes 20 riyal per person whereas private taxis charges 100 riyals. Already arranged transport is provided to Haj pilgrims who goes their through proper haj scheme. 

      view of king khadid airport -------jeddah
outside view of king khalid air port

SSince no  non muslim is allowed to enter in pure atmosphere of MAKKAH  , big boards  have been  fixed to direct them to divert their vehicles to opposite direction to makkah.

         The direction board is clearly indicating  the diversion  for non muslims   not to enter in Makkah              

jeddah makkah express way. Rahal above
        road indictes makkah boundries starts
It is jeddah makkah express way. symbolicRahal
(quran stand) and verses of quran over head is in
fact the place where the boundries of Holy makkah
starts. Non muslims not allowed beyond this point.


           Oh---my beloved holy Makkah is very near now.
                                       A SIGN BOARD
.For academic information it may be noted that in arabic jeddah means "grand mother or ancestor" . Since this is the city where the grave of syeda hawa (the EVE) is situated, it is called Jeddah (city of the mother of all human beings).
grave of syeda hawwa (the eve) in
        Grave of bibi Hawwa---(The EVE) in jeddah

Around masjid-ul-Haram in Makkah a number of modern hotels and apartments are available where pilgrims can stay. In Hajj and during Ramadan rates are very high but negotiable whereas, in other months rates are considerably  low and rooms are easily available. A number of international telephone booths are available around Makkah Mosque. computerized public call offices are also there. From  midnight to Salat-ul-Fajr, discounted rates on International calls are applied.

The main bus terminus is situated near to Bab-e-Fahad (One of the gate of Masjid-ul-Haram) where government buses (SABTACO--saudi arabian gus transport corporation--) are available round the clock for Madina-e-Munawwara and other cities of Saudi Arabia.
According to Syedna Ali (R.A), there is difference between Makkah and Bakkah. The city is called Makkah but inner side of Haram where Tawaf is done is called Bakkah. It looks logical as Tawaf is not allowed outside Haram.

The whole city is surrounded by number of dry mountains and their height is 200 to 600 feet. In fact, these mountains are natural and safety walls. It is nearly 3 Km. long from east to west and its width is 1-1/2Km. from south to north.

The name of mountains around Makkah are:
    -    Qalg Mount                (in the north)
    -    Qaqian Mount            (in the north)
    -    Hindi Mount               (in the north)
    -    Kuda Mount               (in the north)
    -    Abu Hadida Mount      (in the south)
    -    Kudi Mount                (in the south)
    -    Mount Qubais            (in the south)

Mount Kuda and Mount Qubais are the most historical mount among all others. When Prophet (P.B.U.H) conquered Makkah. He (P.B.U.H) entered in the holy city as a conqueror (victorious) through Kuda Mount. On the other hand Qubais Mount is called the first ever mount which was created by Almighty Allah on the earth.

Makkah is 30 meter high to sea level and its temperature varies between 25C to 50C. From December to Feburary it is medium cold but from March to October it remains hot but June, July and August are very hot.
 For current temperature in makkah click here

In holy Quran Makkah is described in 50 places.