It is just few steps away way from the exact place of Birth of Prophet  Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam. The house of Syedna Ali is no more here. 

An old pic of syedna Abu talib house where Ali R.A used to live. This house is no


Latest view of Masjid-e-Raya. Pic taken on 1st july'2003

1. It is the well where the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) stayed when Muslims  surrounded Makkah on 10th Ramadan 8 Hijra. Here now days a mosque is built. Its' name is Masjid-ul-Raya. Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam had used the water of this well for bathing before entering in the Holy city of Makkah, when it was captured by muslims. It is situated in Muhallah (Area) Shoab Amir, right to Masjid-e-Jinn.  In arabic Raya means “Flag”. This was the point where  Prophet (P.B.U.H.) hoisted flag of victory.

2 . If pilgrims come out from masjid-ul-haram through Bab-e-marwa which is one of the main gates in haram , he can reach o this mosque easily.(More guidance may be taken from the topic of Masjid-e-jin or Jannat-ul-maolla as it is near to both of these places.)
Raya Mosque
Little old view of Masjid-e-Raya

                    QUBAIS MOUNT

Standing in Mutaf, keeping Hajra-e-Asvad (Black Stone) on his back, if someone sees above out of haram, this historic mountain is easily visible. It is the very first mount, which was created on the earth by Almighty Allah. It is very historic mount. At the time of Syedna Nooh (one great Prophet of Allah) when flood destroyed everything except the boat of his Prophet Nooh, Hajra-e-Asvad was placed here for safety.

Mount Qabees -Makkah
This tunnel is passing through mount of Qubais  
The Event of Splitting  Moon was also occurred  at  this mount. On the 9th year of Nabvi Calendar Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) splited moon into two parts simply  by  the indication of his holy finger.
Both the parts of  the Moon travelled in against directions  for a while and then they  came back to joint.


                 An imaginary view of miracle spilitting moon

Present modern science proves spiliting of moon by sattelite
moon picture.

This is very eventful mountain of islamic history. Prophet syedna Adam allihisalam was the first human being who built holy kabba by his  hands. For this very first  construction syedna Adam allihisalam used the stone this mount---jabal-e-abu-qubais.

Now days  a beautiful palace of the ruler (KING) of Saudi Arabia is built on the top of  this mount, which can be seen from Haram easily.
Another view of qubais mount .it is old pic . masjid-e-bilal is
on the top of mountain in white colour. This mosque is no more  here

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