1 .  There is no Muslim who does not know the importance of this cave, where our beloved Prophet Muhammad(S. A. W.) and his companion Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) stayed for few days to hide themselves from the bad intentions of their enemies who were following them to harm.

2 .  After becoming disheartened to the behaviour of Makkah's Kuffar (enemies), Syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam decided to migrate towards Madina ( then called "YASRAB"). When He sallalla ho allihi wasalam was travelling towards his destination along with syedna Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA), enemies followed them to kill. Firstly they both walked over their toes, then Great Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) picked up his beloved and merciful Prophet over his shoulders so that the foot prints of one person instead of two could misguide enemies.

3 .  Reaching  to this cave, Syedna Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) cleaned it and filled all holes tearing his lower part of clothing but two holes could not be filled and He (RA) put his feet over them. Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) kept the head of Prophet  sallalla ho allihi wasalam over his thighs and Prophet (S. A. W.) slept for a while. During this time, a snake or reptile from the unfilled hole bite on the foot of Syedna Abu bakar Siddiq (RA), but he didn't move himself. He (RA) didn't want to disturb the sleep of his beloved Prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam. Pain became very severe and unbearable. Two drops of tears fell over the face of Prophet  sallalla ho allihi wasalam from the eyes of  Syedna Abu Bakar (RA). Prophet (S. A. W.) woke up and became very happy to see the sacrifice of his companion. Prophet(S. A. W.) applied his holy saliva over the wound and it became healed up.

4 .  They stayed here for three days and three nights. During their stay once enemies reached to the mouth of the cave. As an human being "Abu Bakar (RA) became worried, but the Prophet (S. A. W.) said, "No need to worry, we two are not alone. Third one is Almighty Allah with us". It is said that one spider put its web over the mouth of cave and pigeons laid eggs on that to miss guide enemies. Enemies realized that it was an old cave and they went from there.

5 .  This cave is very high and it is very difficult to reach to the top of it. Olds, weaker, children and women must not try to step up. Young man can reach on the top. Here no arrangements  are available to reach on the top of the mountain and  as saudi  Government does not encourage people to go up, however, pilgrims must see it from  the bottom of the mountain as it is really a spiritual place.

6 . The name of the  mountain where cave soar is situated is  jabal-e-soar. it is very high and if a healthy young man tries to climb, he  may reach to the top where the historical soar cave is situated in an hour. It is higher than cave hira at  jabal-noor .

7.  it is the mountain that contains  soar cave, in which Messenger of Allah (Peace of Allah be up on him) and his companion AI Siddiq spent three days during their flee from Makkah to AI Madinah. This mountain is in the southern direction of Makkah and it's height is about 761 meters above sea level.


1 .  If anybody goes towards Muna from Makkah you will find a mountain named " Jabal-e-Noor". On the top of this mountain there is a cave which is known as "HIRA". It is the cave where first message of Allah (VAHEE) was delivered to the Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam. Before happening this incident Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam started to go this cave and use to stay there for few days and kept himself busy in Praying. One day the most pious angel of Almighty Allah syedna Jibrael  allihi salam came in this cave and  requested prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam ----"READ"---- ( Its' actual arabic word is IQRA which means read). Prophet said, "I don't know how to read". Jibrael (AH) pressed Muhammad(S. A. W.) and delivered the first Surah of Holy Quran "AL-ALAQ". Syedna Muhammad (S. A. W.) learnt this Surah by heart.


Pilgrims    ascending and decending on jabal-noor to/from reach Hira cave


2 .  This cave remains very popular among pilgrims during Haj. Pilgrims of Umra also try to reach at this spot. Every one wants to go up to the cave but there is no proper arrangements to reach there. Saudi government does not encourage people to go up however some young people may reach on the top. It is situated at forty to fifty minutes climb. pilgrims must recite ALLAH HO AKBAR when they climb and say repeatedly SUBHAN ALLAH when come back. These two slogans are not reserved  only for jabal-e-noor but these might be recited by a muslim  at any time anywhere  in ascending and descending position. Even in aeroplane and on stairs.

Top of noor mount.it is the mouth of hira cave

 Inside look of Hira cave  

 3. Cave hira and jabal-e-noor is situated 5 kilometres away in north  from masjid-ul-haram . Holy kaba and minarets of masjid-ul-haram might been seen from the top of the mouth of  hira cave. Before starting vahee when prophet sallalla ho allihi waslam had come here for praying, he used to see  holy kaba from the top of the cave during pray.

4. Since the first word and verse of holy Quran came to the earth from the sky at this mountain , it is started to call mountain of NOOR (LIGHT). In arabic soar means the CURIOSITY.


pilgrims are gathered  at the mouth of Hira cave on the top of jabaj-e

5 . Taxis and  wagons out side haram take pilgrims  to many places of ziara in makkah and its' surroundings. If you hire private taxi it takes 60 to 120 riyal .if you travel in public taxi or wagon it takes 10 to 15 riyal per head. Rate varies at low and peak season. These taxis and buses carry pilgrims to different places of ziara including cave soar.


Road leads to ghar-e-hira. jabal-e-noor is visible.


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