1 .  Every pilgrim knows the importance of this mosque which is situated in "ARFAT". Few kilometres from Makkah city. It is the place where Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) delivered the last historic sermon (Khutba) of haj. Every year on 9th Zihija, Haj Khutba is delivered from this great mosque. Only two salat (Prayer) are offered in this mosque during a year. On Haj day ( the 9th Zilhija) Zuhar and Asar salat (prayers) are offered jointly by faithful. It is the main action of Haj which is called "WAQOOF" in arabic which means "to stay". During Haj it is very difficult fro every pilgrim to reach here but in other days (except Haj), the mosque remains empty and might be seen easily. It's courtyard area remains open for Nafil prayers. Inner hall remains closed.

Latest view of Masjid-e-nimra
   pic taken on 01-07-03

Little older view of Masjid-e-Nimra
showers make  artificial rain
are visible
Masjid-e-Nimra --- Arfat

2 .  A small  front part of this mosque is not in "ARFAT" territory but rest of the mosque is in "ARFAT". During Haj time it is necessary for every pilgrim to stay in ARFAT boundaries . So the front part of the of masjid nimra remains empty.

3 .  This mosque is outside the borders of "Haram" and its other name is "Masjid-e-Ibrahim (RA)"

4 .  Pilgrims of Haj get  opportunity to see this mosque but pilgrims of Umra have to go specially there to see it. For the pilgrims of umra ,the visit of this mosque is not necessary but they just try to see this holy place as ziara. From Makkah, taxies and other private vehicles carry pilgrims to show this mosque and other religious historical places.  They charge 50 to 100 Riyals for 2 to 3 hours visit.

Imam-e-masjid Namira is leading zuhar and
asar salat combined in maasjid-e-nimra.(inside

5. In masjid-e-nimra only two salat  on haj day is offered. These are qasar (curtailed) salats and offered  jointly .
only two rakats in both of salats have been observed istead of four. It is done as all the pilgrims are supposed passengers.

6.  Except these two no other salat during through out the  year is  observed here and masjid remains closed  except Haj day .

Masjid-e-Nimra and its' out side surrounding
on haj day  where combined salat is being
( out side view)

Outside Nimra masjid in arafat plain


1 .  Once when the infant child of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam died, he (S. A. W.) was very sad. The enemy of Islam "Abu Lahab" became very happy to see Syedna Muhammad (S. A. W.) in gloomy mood. He started  walking  on the street of Makkah and shouted repeatedly, "Muhammad has became ABTAR"
( A man whose race has been finished and no one is  alive to grow family tree. ). This act of Abu Lahab made Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam more sad. He  sallalla ho allihi wasalam was sitting and the tears were dropping from his holy eyes, syedna Jibrael (AH) came and delivered the "Surah of Kausar" - The smallest Surah of Holy Quran in which Almighty Allah said "I have gifted you Kausar and you must keep sacrifices. Your enemy will certainly be Abtar." This Surah gave  complete rest and satisfaction to beloved prophet syedna Muhammad (S. A. W.).

2 .  Where the Surah of Kausar was delivered, a mosque is built named "Masjid-e-Kausar". After receiving this Surah, Prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam hang the verses of this Surah over the wall of Kaba. Kuffar did not know the meaning of  Kausar. It was a new word for them. They started discussion and questioned with each others, "What is Kausar ?". They forgot the word of  "Abtar". After few days Prophet Muhammad salla ho allihi wasalam disclosed that the Kausar is a Pound in Heaven and on the day of Judgement ,He would be the custodian of it and muslims will drink sweet and cold water from it and they would never feel thirst after that.

3 .  This mosque must been seen by pilgrims. It is the place of  great history.  It is in Muna where pilgrims spend at least 4 days during haj .

4 . Now this masjid has been abolished (shaheed) to make road.



1 .  If you come from Muna to Makkah, you will find this beautiful mosque.

2 .  On the eve of Haj, the last Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam offered  two prayers (Salat) at this spot and took rest. It is the reason this mosque is called "Masjid-e-Istraha", which means Mosque of Rest.

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