1 .  This mosque is the biggest Mosque of Muna and it is said that near about seventy Prophets of Allah are lying to rest (buried) here. No sign of their graves are now but it is very spiritual place to watch.

2 .  The last and beloved Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) pitched his camp here, stayed and offered five prayers on the eve of haj.


1.  This mosque is situated in Muzdalfa.

2.  On the eve of Haj, beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) spent whole the night of tenth Zilhija at this spot, offering prayers. Now masjid "MASHA-REL HARAM" is built here.
masjid msshur-al-Hram---field  of  Muzdalfa
Masjid Mashar-ul-haram..... Muzdalfa


1. This mosque is situated in between  first two pillars pillar of satins( jumrat) in Muna. It is on the left side if you travel from Muna to Arfat.

2. The  last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) sacrificed his animals on tenth of Zilhija.

3. Some people say it masjid- Muna and some say masjid-Nehar (nehar means to sacrify)


Masjid-e-Ubqa and Jabal-e-Ubqa

1. In the bottom of a mount in Muna, there is a little mosque which is called "MASJID-E-UQBA"

2. It is the spot where ansar of Madina (then Yasrab) accepted islam over the hands of Syedna Muhammad (S.A.W).

3. At the end of Haj( it is the event when Haj was not a  farz--compulsory), Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was Delivering a massage, inviting people to accept islam. Six jews met Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.) and embraced Islam. Those Jews knew that a Prophet was about to come and he would be the last one.

4. These six new Muslims return to Madina (then Yasrab) and preached Islam. Next year on the same spot of "Uqba" some other Yasrab Jews came and accepted Islam with open heart. Because of this fact, this place is called "Bait-ul-Awwal"(first acceptance) and "Bait-ul-Sani"(second acceptance)
another good look of masjid-e-ubqa

5. This great incident and success of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihiwasalam flourished Islam in the heart of Madina's Ansar (The residents of Madina were called Ansar).

6. Next year seventy Muslim came from Yasrab and perform Umra. It was the great achievement of Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W.).

7. This Uqba Mosque is near to "Jamrat" (Three big pillars of Satins).
another look of masjid-e-ubqa

8. This mosque is also known as masjid-e-bait.

9. Syedna Ayub ansari --who latter got the honour to become the first host of beloved prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam when HE sallalla ho allihi wasalam came to madina---was also among those people who had  come here (uqba)  to accept islam. Syedna Ayub ansari did not know at that time that the day would come when he would be the host of beloved prophet and he would become the important and memorial part of islamic history. Pilgrims must see this mosque in the light of this spiritual and historic fact.

inside wall of uqba masjid

 Inside look of Masjid-e-UBQA  

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