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             HOLY MAKKAH

Latitude 19 25° 21 North
Meridian 46 49° 39

Geographical location: 
Makkah AI Mukaramah is located on the extension of the feet of A1 Sarawat mountains, and it represents the junction of Tihamah with mountains around Makkah.
Accordingly, Makkah AI Mukaramah is a group of valleys, which are traversed by mountains, also, these valley are the outlets of Makkah, specially towards the coast . The location of Makkah is very important, as it was the midpoint in the line of old trade caravans between Yemen in the south and AI Sham in the north.

Elevations of Makkah AI Mukaramah are a group of mountains and black rocky masses which are granitic basement rocks. Mountains are traversed by a group of valleys, such as Abraham valley. The Kabah's location is in this valley.

Areas of Holy Places 
Total area: 1795 hectare. Area utilized by pilgrims: 1361 Hectare.

Total Area: 1795 Hectare. Area utilized by pilgrims: 682 Hectare.

Total Area: 635 Hectare. Area utilized by pilgrims: 246 Hectare.

Makkah AI Mukaramah is 300 meters above sea level.

In summer, it reaches 48°c.
In winter, it reaches to 18°c.
The annual average is 31°c.

Average rainfall: 
80mm : 125mm

Northwestern, dry in summer, cold and rainy in winter
Northeastern, dry in summer and Winter, hot in Summer and cold in Winter.
Southwestern, rainy seasonal winds.

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