1.  Before conquering  Makkah prophet Muhammad sallalaho allihi wassalam  decided to go to there to perform Haj.when the carvan consisting of 1400 companions under the leadership of prophet Mhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam  reached to hudabiya, the quresh of Makka(kuffar)  stopped them to proceed further. Due to the expansion of makkah ,now hudabiya  has come under the boundaries  of makkah but it is actually 25 k.m  away from original  old makkah. Muslims has to stay at hudabiya as they were not allowed to enter in makkah.  At that time no body knew that this stay of muslims at hudabiya would become an historic event of islamic history. Here two historic event took place which is being described below.

 Exact place of Hudybia where the historic treaty of  HUDYBIA was signed.

2. Muslims were in ahram(special clothing of haj. it is consist of two clothing sheets and muslims have to wear the from meqat . it is restriction for every pilgrims. to wear ahram before crossing meqat. the meqat place is just only 12 k.m from madina . imagine now the muslims was only from makkah. it means the meqat was near about 450 k.m behind from muslims carvan ).As per ahram restrictions now muslims could not  put off  their ahram and  go back without performing at least umra. it was great problem . resolving this dispute prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam deputed syedna usman radi Allh ho tallah anho to proceed  to makkah  for quersh autorites. Prohet Muhammad sallal ho allihi wasalam appointed syedna usman as he s.a.w  knew that he belonged to a very powerful family of makkah named ( um mae ya).Rest of the muslims continued their stay at hudabiya.


3. During the stay muslims at  hudabiya a rumour spread out that syedna usman R.A had been killed (shaheed) by makkahs' enemies(kuffar). Muslims at hudabiya became rash and they  pulled their swords out. But  the prophet sallallaho Allihiwasalam handled the situation with wisdom and forbade companions to spread panic. At this stage the first historic event of  BAIT-E-RIZWAN  took place. Bait- e Rizwan  was infact a promise which was taken by the prophet sallallaho allihiwaslam by all companions under a tree of  ACASIA         . All companions  went  near to prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam one by one who was sitting under a tree and they had held  the holy hand of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam for bait (promise). since the news of syedna usmans murder (shahadat) was not confirmed , so Allahs' messenger put his one hand over another and  said his second hand is the substitute of usmans' hand. after few time muslims got confirmed news that syedna usman R.A was alive. This news brought happiness on the faces of muslims. it is said that after this event of bait,syedna usmanRadi allah ho talla Anha never  touched the hidden parts of his body with that  particular hand.

The domb at hudybia is in fact a well where the prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam
 with their companions stayed before  treaty of Hudybia.

4. Quresh-e-makkah was real enemy of islam. They were not ready to give any relief  and concession to muslims. Under this situation a treaty(pact)was signed between kufar-e-makkah and muslims. The points which were agreed upon  by both the parties were:
A--Muslims had to return back to their home without performing umra or haj this year. 
B-- Next year they may come to perform haj without any weapon. 
C-- There will be no battle between both of the parties for next 10 years 
D--According to treaty muslims were liable to send back any makkah resident if he 
      migrated to madina.But Quresh-e-Makkah would not be liable to send back any 
      madinian resident who migrated to Makkah. 



                                             This masjid is no more here

5. It was looking at that time that the Prophet muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam  signed this accord under immense pressure but the time proved that it was actually the treaty of wisdom and patience. History proves that  this pact was the first stone which led muslims towards the biggest conquer Makkah. In arabic victory of Macca is remembered with name (FATH-E-MUBEEN). At that critical time ,the prophets'eyes were looking something special what an ordinary eye could not see. It was the first and lonely occassion of  holy Prophets' life  when companions were very demoralized but Allahs' messanger ordered  to shave their heads off , sacrify their animals ,to put off their ahrams and  start  journey back towards Madina without performing umra,. All these historic events were taken place here at hudabiya. Though the companions were demoralised but they bowed down their heads and obeyed  the order of Allahs' messanger.

6. This pact gave a very peaceful time to prophet Sallalla ho allihiwasalam to gather his strength  and to collect arms and to preach islam. According to wisdom  now muslims had no fear of war with kuffar-e-quresh , so they accumulated their war capabilities and devoted their full time and efforts to strengthen their battle force and war skill.muslims got time to improve their relations with other tribes which they latter on helped muslims against kuffar-e-quresh. This pact made muslims in madina very powerful and this achievement  was the actual cause of conquest of Makkah.

7.Hudabiya is situated 25 kilo meters away from holy Makkah  towards jeddah. Now a days new  express way is used
between Makkah and Jeddah. This point  does not lie on this express way. When the vehicles crosses the area of SHAMISEE  on this express way ,we are near to hudabiya but the exact location can not be seen  from here.

   If someone uses old highway from Makkah to jeddah , he may see this historic point   very easily. It is 25 kilometers away from Makkah and only special taxis may carry you  to this point. Arabic taxis generally deny pilgrims  to carry Hudabiya. Generally  pakistani  or Bangladeshi  drivers take pilgims to this point.
   Hudabiya  is now a deserted place but the old Jeddah Makkah highway is crossing over this place. On the both sides of the highway big  walls are built over which the word HUDABIYA is written. A very deep well is there on the rigt side of the road if you going towards Jeddah. This well is dry but very deep and a  domb is over it. Pilgrims must not try to see the bottom of well as it is very dangerous.


   As we all know that on the place of Hudabiya when the remour had been spread out that the  Muslim spokesman
syedna usman radiAllah ho talla anhoo who had been in makkah to discuss matters , had been killed (shaheed) by kuffar-e-Makkah , Beloved prophet Muhammad Sallallaho allihiwasalam  took BAIT from all muslims under a tree.
It was the tree of  ACASIA        .   This historic tree  is no more here but some bushes are found around main spot.
Till few years back a mosque was there but now  it has been removed from here.

                              R E A D    


In the sixth year after his migration to Medina (March 628), Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) decided to perform the Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage). Fourteen hundred of the companions joined the Prophet for Mecca. He ordered them not to carry any weapons of war, but allowed a sword which was customary for the travelers to carry for protection against caravan raids. 

The Quraish (Pagans) intent upon not allowing the prophet to enter Mecca closed all access to the city. The Prophet then reached a place called Hudaibiya, on the precincts of the sacred territory of Mecca, and halted there. The Quraysh tried to provoke the Prophet’s companions to fighting. Upon finding the pilgrims in their Ihram (pilgrim’s garb) and their intention not to fight, the fears and anxieties of the Quraysh were abated; and they were forced to think of the consequences if the pilgrims were turned back without performing the rites. The Quraysh sent Urwah bin Mas’ud to the Prophet as their spokesman. The Prophet’s delegation and that of the Quraysh negotiated back and forth. In these deliberations, the Quraysh made some unpleasant remarks about the Prophet and his companions. At this Urwah, the Meccan representative, felt that he was led to be misguided and protested to Quraysh that he had not made a pact with them for such a behaviour and stated: 
“I have been sent as envoy to the courts of Kesra (Chosroes), Qaisar (Caeser), and the Negus but I have not seen a king whose men so honor him as the companions of Muhammad honor Muhammad. If he commands anything they almost outstrip his words in fulfilling it....When he speaks, their voices are hushed in his presence and they lower their eyes in reverence for him. He has made you a good offer, therefore accept it from him.”
The Quraysh realizing their mistake and the risk of losing important allies, came to an agreement with the Prophet. The terms of the treaty were written down and is known as the "Treaty of Hudaibiyah.” It included: 

“In your name, O Allah. These are the terms of the truce between Muhammad, the son of Abdullah and Suhayl, the son of Amr (of Mecca). 
Both parties have agreed to lay down the burden of war for ten years. During this time, each party shall be safe, and neither shall injure the other; no secret damage shall be inflicted, but uprightness and honor shall prevail between them. 

The Muslims shall return this year without performing Umrah (the pilgrimage). In the coming year, you may enter it with your companions, staying therein for three days, bearing no arms except the arms of the traveler, with swords remaining in their sheaths. 

If a Quraysh person comes to Muhammad (i.e., after accepting Islam) without the permission of his guardian, Muhammad shall return him to them, but if one of the Muhammad’s people come to the Quraysh, he shall not be returned. 

Whoever wishes to enter into covenant with Muhammad can do so, and whoever wishes to enter into covenant with the Quraysh can do so.” 

Many of the Muslims were not satisfied with the terms of the treaty and they regarded it to be humiliating to themselves, considering the behavior of the Quraish against the Prophet during the negotiations. The Prophet declared the treaty a victory and they accepted it on the conviction that Allah and His messenger know best. 

On their way back to Medina, Allah (The One God) revealed to the Prophet (pbuh) a chapter of the Qur’an known as “Al-Fath” (The Victory, XLVIII). The chapter begins with: “Verily We have given thee a victory, a very clear victory



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