1. Queen Zubaida was the wife of caliph Haroon- ur-Rasheed. She was very kind1 hearted lady. This historic canal was built because of her special interest.

2. People of makkah were facing great difficulty of water. To meet their water needs they had  to depend wholly  upon pounds and wells . There was no regular and permanent  arrangements of  getting water for the people of  makkah  as well as for the pilgrims.  when queen zubaida had come makkah for haj ,she noticed this problem and after her return to capital baghdad, she order to dig a canal on urgent basis.

3. There was a water source at 35 k.m from makkah in the valley of hunnain and a canal was situated at 12 k.m from arfat. Expert engineers suggested to divert few water from both of  these canals towards makkah. The water of  zubaida's' well which was situated  in the southern desert of  Makkah was also included in this new and historic zubaida canal .

wall of zubaida canal near arafat

Canal of Zubaida near Arfat. Ii is now dry but it helped  pilgrims to quench thirst many years

4. Queen Zubaida spent seventeen lac of dinars to build this canal. She did not allow to publicize this expenditure. She ordered to waste all expenditure documents and receipts. Kind hearted Queen Zubaida used to say that she wanted  to take reward  or return of this noble deed from Almighty Allah on the of judgement.

5. Thousands of  pilgrims and people of makkah enjoyed this water many many years. Its' one branch goes towards arfat and another towards Makkah. Its 3 meters deep and  1-1/4  meter wide.

Canal of Zubaida passing near Arfat, in the bottom of jabal-e-RAhmat
    (mercy Mount).The holes  were made in canal to get water easily    

    Another look of Zubaida canal.One tape of getting water is clearly visible    

6. If you travel towards arfat from munna you may see it even today. now it is dry .when you see it you will surprise to look  its level. It is not all time in deep flow. Some times you will notice that  the level of its next portion become higher to the previous one. Its' construction over rough mountains is really a remarkable piece of  work. 

In the bottom of jabal-e-rahmat a little  wall showing well of zubaida and a partially broken tank in which water
had been stored for pilgrims of haj as this mount is situated in field of arafat where the haj ritual --waqoof --- is
observed on 0th of zilhijah every year.

A close look of water tank where water had been stored from
canal of zubaida in Arafat for pilgrims stayed on the day of Arfah
 [ 9th of zilhijah]. It is now just a monument and worth watching

water stations (pounds) of zubaida canal
Queen zubaida was great lover of islam . She not only got the honoured
to build such a great canal but also built a road right from Baghdad to
Makkah . The name of that road eas nominated to her good name
"DAR ZUBAIDAH ". Along this road she constructed many
water stations (Pounds) where the water had been stored.
Even today in surroundings of Makkah we may see at least
10 such water pounds or stations.

This water station is in vadi aqeeq named birqak alaqeeq

This water station is in -birkatal.khutba


House of syedna Hamza R.A. IN MISFILLAH MAKKAH
yedna Hamza R.A was the uncle of prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam. Only two uncles of holy prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam accepted islam and syedna Hamza was one among them. Second one was Syedna Abbas R.A . 
syedna Hamza R.A  was very brave soldier and he embraced shahadat  in the  battle of uhad, Madina Munawarrah. (complete detail of this battle and shahadat  of Ameer Hamza R.A has been explained in  the portion of MADINA )
He accepted islam miracally. One day when he came back to makkah in the evening  from hunting out side the town, he learnt that kuffar-e-Makkah had teased very much to his
nephew prophet  Muhammad sallalla ho allihiwasalam. He became very angry and drew his sword out and shouted that  he would spare head of those who had teased  his beloved nephew . Kuffar said  that your nephew was preaching for ONE GOD and denying  even your  religion . How  is it possible hamza that you would spare head to those who believe in your religion. Hearing  these words of expolitation syedna Hamza recited words of KALMA-E-SHAHADAT loudly and embraced islam . Kuffar became frightened and started to move from there .Syeda hamza was the 39th person who accepted islam and this historic event had occured only 3 days before the embracing islam of syedna Umer R.A.

Name frame is fixed on front wall of Masjid

When syedna Hamza accepted islam in makkah , he used to live in  Mohallah MISFILAH (misfillah means slope) in the same street where syedna ABUBAKAR SIDDIQUI had resided and it was the house where from Rasool Allah sallallaho allihi wasalm started jouney of hijrah with syedna Abu bakar (Its' detail is given seperately in the topic of "HOUSE OF SYEDNA ABU BAKAR"). Both the houses are still situated in this muhalla but now these houses has been converted in MASAJID . House of syedna Abu bakar is called MASJID-E-HIJRAH and house of syedna Hamza is called MASJID-E-HAMZA.

Though  Masjid-e-Hamza is few meters way from Masjid-ul-Hram yet 5 times azan and salat is offered regularly. If you come come from haram through BAB-E-ABDUAL  AZIZ  gate , you will find  a huge building of BIN DAUD  (wooden work is done on  the windows of this multi-storied building). Keeping this building at your right you go forward . It is muhalla misfilah. Keep walking untill bulding ends and fter few yards further walk
you will get a  narrow congested right way turn near a pakistani hotel (MUTAM) . Take right turn from here and come to other street  parrell to previous street and take left turn  steping in new street. It is small street . you will find this Masjid at your right . A frame is fixed on front wall telling "masjid-e-Hamza".You may say this small street in width as well as in length  is in between misfilah street and big, famous double track "SHARA_E_IBRAHEEM KHALEEL_ULLAH ".

pilgrims going towards HARAM near to Masjid-e-Hamza.(See rounded buiding
on the top of picture .it isbuiding of BIN DAWOOD. wooden windows are visible.
see one more thing... At right side a small brown border  is looking. it is Masid of syedna Abubakar siddiq R.A                                        

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