This the holy picture of the grave of syedna bibi Amina at ABWA

Syeda Amina is the greatest lady of  the universe who gave holy birth to Prophet
Muhammad sallalla hoallihi wasalam. After marriage with syedna Abdullah, she
spent few months with her. she had to say good bye to her beloved husband syedna
Abdullah just few month after marriage as he had to go to yasrab (NOW MADINA)
for trade where he passed away. Even the flowers of this bride was not turned dried
when she heard the news of sad demise of his beloved husband.

       In fact the maternal grand mother of syedna Abullah used to live in yasrab.
Just after marriage he left his newly wedded bride syeda bibi Amina in Makkah who
had been expecting to give birth a child and set off for a business tour towards syria.
The innocent wife started waiting the return her beloved husband.

       when the trade caravan of syedna Abdullah was coming back to Makkah, they
stopped over yasarb to see the  maternal  family of syedna Abdullah. Unfortunately
he fell seriously ill there .Rest of the members of the caravan waited for his recovery
but as the time had passed the condition of syedna Abdullah  had continuously  been
detoriated. The caravan had to move leaving him behind in yasrab. At last the 
father of  the holy prophet syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam  passed
away even before his holy birth.

         This news had been  heard by  syeda  bibi Amina  with running tears and
broken  heart . After six months the courtyard and rooms of bibi Aminas' house
were lightened by the holy birth of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.
After the holy birth bibi Amina wanted to go to yasrab to see the  mud of his
beloved husbands grave. But  her father- in- law syedna Abu Muttalib did
not allow her to visit yasrab as he wanted her to care her holy child  who was not just
an ordinary baby. Syeda Amina obeyed his advise and paid full attention to bring
 Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam up.

        When the prophet  muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam  became 6 years old,
she went yasrab to see the grave of her husband. Syedna Um-e-Emun ,the maid
and beloved son Syedna Muhammad were with her. When they were coming back
to Makkah at the place of Abwa she fell ill and eventually passed away leaving her
innocent orphan child alone. Beloved little syedna  Muhammad was just 6 years old
at that time .No one can imagine how the little Syedna Muhammad sallalla ho allihi
wasalam would be upset at that time.

Holy grave surrounded by rocky stones in abwa

Bibi Amina had been buried in ABWA. Um-e-Emun kissed  little holy
Prophet with affection and came back to Makkah.

Another holy view of syeda Amina's grave at Abwa

This is the place where prophet Muhammad sallalla ho

alli hi wasalm had stayed with his mother at ABWA      
when he was 6. (wallah Alam bis Sawab)

         Abwa is the place near to makkah. if some one travels towards madina through
old highway, he can see this place. No regular bus and taxi show this place.
Only arranged taxies may show this holy grave .Generally arabic taxis don't encourage
pilgrims to see this holy place.

One more pic of  holy Aminas' Grave

                                                One important thing  to note :
                                        The parents of syedna Muhammad sallallaho allihiw asalam were
                                        on DEEN-E-HANIF ( RIGHT RELIGION)and they would have
                                        been awarded jannat after their deaths by most merciful Al mighty
                                        Allah subhan-o-tallah .The parents of holy prophet Muhammad
                                        sallalla ho allahi wasalm  are very respectful personalities for all

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