jurana is infact the place where the pilgrims coming  from Taif  wrap their Ahram. It is Meqat. Living in makkah  or pilgrims staying in Makkah wish to perform Umra, they have to go to masjid-e Ayesha situated in muhalla Taneem , few kilometers away from haram-e-makki . Meqat  of Masjid-e-ayesha is infact an special meqat which was used by ummul momeeneen syeda Ayesha radi Aallaha ho talla anha by the special permission of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.This meqat is still valid and even today the residents of Makkah and pilgrims staying in Makkah after performing their initial umra coming from outside , can use it. But  JURANA  is more important meqat for people of Makkah.

 Jurana is situated 25 kilometers away from Makkah towards Taif. Obiviously it is situated on makkah-Taif  highway.A beautiful mosque named JURANA is there beside the highway on the right hand side going towards Taif. Wash rooms for pilgrims have been built there.

Jurna is infact  is the name of a well where the prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam took bath and wore Ahram to perform umra coming from Taif. By virtue of this historical event this point has become an spiritual  and worth watching place.

Now the well of Jurana is no more there but a beautiful mosque named  
MASJID-E-JAMMA JURANA having  sign board on its' forehead  has been built near the well.

                                 Front look of Masjid-e-Jurana                                    

No scheduled  bus from Makkah goes there but taxis may take you to this place. Generally  private air conditined taxis  take between 40 to 60 Riyals,for two way trip, to show this place . taxis take hardly 15 minutes to reach there from  Haram-e-Makki.

Near masjid-e-jurana ,beside  both of the roads big conceret  sign boards have been installed indicating the STARTING  POINT OF HARAM (starting of Hudood-e-Haram).