it was actually the house of abu suffiyan which remained the center point of muslims enmity[Hostility] till the conquer of Makkah. whole makkah life of prophet Muhammad sallallaho alli hiwasalam faced the opposition of abu suffian and even in madina life where battle of badar and uhad were fought Abu suffiyan came as front line enemy of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho alli hi wasalam but

when makkah was conquered by prophet Muhammad sallallaho alli hi wasalam, Abu suffian accepted islam before entering prophet Muhammad sallallha ho alli hiwasala, in Makkah as conqueror .

prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam not only forgave him but also gave him the honor by ordering if some one got shelter in the house of abu suffian, he would be supposed in peace.

When some one comes out from masjid-ul Haram in makkah and walks towards
masjid jin or holy grave yard "jannat-ul-malla", he may see this masjid

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