Shabeka Graveyard,
    Where newly born babies
        were buried alive.

       This is the stone of shabeka grave yard

Even today  the graveyard where the newly born babies had been buried  alive by the Makkahs  people in dark ages may be seen..  It is very near to Masjid-Ul-Haram. If you come out from Masjid-ul-Haram through  Fahad  gate and walk across slight diagonally to your right towards main road where there is a traffic signal . Reaching traffic signal you will see an under ground road. On the both side of this under ground road , you will see two more roads on ground level .You come to farther  road and walk in this way the under ground road must come your right hand. After walking few steps a wall come to just your left hand. it is the  boundry wall of this graveyard but you have to walk for a few yards ahead  as to reach to the main gate. This graveyard is located just in front of a well kown multistoried hotel---ELAF-UL-HUDA--.  This is called  muhalla shabeka and because of this fact the name of this particular graveyard is known  as MAQBARA  SHABEKA (SHABEKA GRAVEYARD)

This is the exact place where the newly born babies had been burie
d by the
                                 makkas' people in dark ages.                                            

  Before the holy birth of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihiwasalam, the people of Makkah were involved in many  bad social customs in which the burial of newly born babies alive was very much embarassing and painful.After revealing vahee the dark age came to an end  and the preaching of islam and quran played very important role to stop this unhuman activity among the people of Makkah.

This spot is still in makkah and ppilgrims may see it easily as it is on walking distance from Masjid-ul-Haram.

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