1. Mount qubais is the most important and spiritual mount of holy city of
    MAKKAH. It is said that it was the first mount created by Almighty
    ALLAH on the earth. In the bottom of the mount qubais there are many
    well known valleys but the valley of Abi-Talib is the most important
    and historic. In arabic "VALLEY"  means "SHOAB".

2. The velly of Abi-talib is very near to masjid-ul-haram. If we  come  out
    from Masjid-ul-haram through Bab-ul-marwa----the gate where the saie
    ends----,we find ourselves near to a famous bazaar named "SAOUQ-UL-LAIL"
    (in colloquial language it is called "CHAPRA BAZAR"---BAZAR OF SHED-)
     This valley is between this bazar and masjid-ul-haram. This is situated
    very near to the holy birth place of prophet syedna Muhammad sallall
     ho Allihi wasalam and in fact it was the actual muhalla (vicinity) of
     holy prophet Muhammad sallalla ho Allihiwasalam.

3. After modern construction of masjid-ul-haram and its' surroundings ,this
    valley has been levelled and now no one can realize that there had  ever
    been a valley . White shining overhead marbled floor has changed its'

4. No doubt modern construction has changed its look but its' painful
    history can never be changed which made this velly memorable. This
   is the valley where our beloved prophet syedna Muhammad sallalla ho
   allihi  waslam passed very difficult 1321 days of siege with their ever
   devoted companions.
it is look of the depth of SHOAB-ABI-TALIB. now it is covered.
it is valley of talib but after modern construction this valley is not visible.
see picture  presented below. now this valley is covered as shown in the
picture given below.

new look of valley of talib after being covered it.
it is valley of talib .it is now covered by good looking marble flooring.

5. It was the time when all the anti muslim communities had agreed upon
    a one point agenda to boycott all muslims in Makkah socially and
   politically. Through this one point agenda they wanted to (Almighty Allah
   forbidden me) to shaheed beloved Prophet Muhammad sallalla-ho-Allihi
   wasalam. All the anti muslim tribes in holy Makkah signed an accord to
  terminate all political, social, economic relations with Prophet Muhammad
  sallalla ho allihiwasalam and other muslims.

6. In such circumstance the prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam
   decided to take shelter in SHOAB-ABI-TALIB. It was very difficult period.
   nothing was enough to eat and drink for muslims. How was the period was
   difficult? it may be realized to with the fact when the companions feel some
    thing soft  in the dark , they started to chew them because of intense hunger.
    From 30th April 615 to 11th december 618, the beloved Prophet and his
   companions spent the most difficult and painful period of their life in SHOAB

7. Because of patience and courage the holy prophet  Muhammad sallalla ho
   allihi wasalam and the companion won this battle of siege.

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